Byron Bay – Aussie beer tasting – 10 March 2023

On Friday Students got to taste and critique seven Aussie beers: Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Stone & Wood Green Coast, Victoria Bitter VB, Yulli’s Amanda Mandarin IPA, Little Creatures’ Pale Ale, Coopers Sparkling Ale and White Rabbit Dark Ale.

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Byron Bay – The Rock and Roll Journey of Juju and Alexis – 9 March 2023

As we hit the road, we couldn’t help but wonder what adventures awaited us. Little did we know that the journey ahead would be filled with unexpected twists and turns. The cancelled concert was just the beginning of the challenges we would face. We didn’t anticipate the earthquakes that would shake us to our core or the juvenile delinquents who tried to steal our drink. But through it all, we remained determined to make the most of our trip and discover new horizons. The suspense was palpable as we looked ahead to our next destination and the unknown adventures that awaited us.

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Byron Bay – Join our Fun Activities in March – 28 February 2023

This month we’ve got lots of exciting activities at Lexis Byron Bay. These include; yoga, beach volleyball, cricket, surfing, bodyboarding, beach activities at Whites Beach, pot plant painting, friendship bracelet making, dumpling making, baking cupcakes, a picnic, a sausage sizzle, Walk and Talk, Coffee Club, an evening out at The Secret Garden,  Killen Falls, skydiving, Yuragir National Park and Nimbin and Secret Lake.

Finally, for the studious and the job hunters we have GIL (Guided Individual Learning) and Job Club.

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