Noosa – Creative Mandala Coffee Paintings – 20th September

Lexis Students Unleash Their Creativity: Mandala Drawing and Coffee Painting Extravaganza!

At Lexis Noosa, education goes beyond textbooks and grammar lessons. We believe in nurturing creativity and fostering a sense of community among our students. This afternoon, some of our students participated in a unique and exciting activity that combined art and culture – Mandala drawing and coffee painting! This activity brought together students from various backgrounds, inspiring them to express themselves through colors, patterns, and aromatic coffee. 

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Noosa – 15 Wonderful New Starters – 18th September

This morning we welcomed 15 new General English students to Lexis English Noosa – A journey of language exploration!

Welcome to Lexis English Noosa, where language dreams come alive! Whether students are here to enhance their language skills for personal or professional growth, we are delighted to have these students join our vibrant school. As we embark on this adventure with our new starters, we take great pride in guiding our students and we are so excited to witness their growth throughout their time here. We hope our new starters make ever-lasting memories at Lexis Noosa!

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Noosa – Creative Sip ‘N’ Paint Activity – 14th September

A Colorful Blend of Creativity and Fun: Students Sip ‘N’ Paint Experience at Lexis English Noosa!

In our busy lives filled with deadlines and responsibilities, it’s important to take a step back and indulge in activities that nourish our souls. Sip and Paint has become a beloved activity among Lexis students. It not only provides a break from language learning but also offers an opportunity for personal growth, friendship building, relaxation, and, most importantly, the joy of creativity. It reminds us all that the language of art is universal and that even amidst the challenges of learning a new language, we can find ways to express ourselves and connect with others. So, here’s to Lexis students and their colorful Sip and Paint adventures!

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Noosa – Beautiful Stand-Up Paddle and Kayak Afternoon – 8th September

For our Friday afternoon activity here in Noosa, our students went stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and kayaking!

Noosa is an amazing destination for all water sports including stand-up paddling boarding and kayaking. We have pristine waters, stunning beaches, and scenic waterways that make it an ideal location to enjoy this popular water activity. If you’re a beginner or experienced paddler, Noosa is the perfect place with its flat and calm waters.

We’ve been spoilt with incredible spring weather so far, therefore, we thought there is no better way to spend an afternoon than floating around on the water! And this is exactly what 14 of our students did.

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Noosa – Thrilling Learn-To-Surf Lesson – 30th August

Riding the Waves of Adventure: Lexis Students Embrace Surfing in Noosa!
It’s that time of the month again when we do our most favourite activity – Learn to Surf!!

For Wednesday’s activity, (9) of our courageous students got out of their comfort zone and participated in Merricks Learn to Surf in Noosa!

The sunny beaches of Noosa have always been a great place for people who want a mix of beautiful nature and exciting outdoor fun! It’s not just about the pretty beaches and green countryside. At Lexis English Noosa, students get to experience something special. They can learn English while trying the thrilling sport of surfing! 

Noosa’s vibrant atmosphere encourages stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and what better way to do that than to learn an exhilarating sport? Merrick’s Learn to Surf Lessons, offers students the chance to master surfing under the guidance of experienced instructors. The transition from textbooks to surfboards introduces an element of excitement and adventure, making the learning process truly unforgettable.

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Noosa – Congratulations to our Incredible Cambridge Students – 30th August

A shout-out to our devoted Cambridge students who have all spent the last 10 weeks and countless hours studying in Cambridge FCE!
‘Cambridge is a pathway to success and future opportunities’. 
A huge congratulations to our amazing Cambridge students who are listed below, who have been studying so hard for the past 10 weeks! 

Naiara, Lukas, Nathalia, Yumi, Ludivine, Federico and Laetitia! 

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Noosa – Exciting New Job Opportunities – 29th August

Lexis students and Noosa’s work scene – A perfect opportunity for success! 

Lexis students do really well working in the beautiful town of Noosa. Noosa has amazing beaches, a lively local culture, and friendly people, making it a great place for students to gain work experience. Whether they’re working in hotels, shops, restaurants, or other jobs, students are not only learning important job skills but also getting to know the Australian way of life. This mix of work and fun helps them grow personally and understand different cultures, creating unforgettable memories and a well-rounded education for Lexis students in Noosa.

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Noosa – A Warm Welcome to This Week’s Wonderful Starters – 28th August

It was a bustling Monday at Lexis English Noosa, as we warmly welcomed 10 students for General English into our close-knit Lexis family!

Embarking on the journey of acquiring a new language resembles setting foot in unexplored territory. As newcomers to Lexis English, you’re entering a realm of boundless possibilities and encountering experiences that are both exhilarating and demanding. Entering the world of learning a new language is like opening a door to a place where words tell stories, cultures come together, and connections grow.

This describes the brave endeavors of 9 students this morning…

Hailing from Argentina, we greeted Federico. Joining us from Switzerland is Daniel and from Japan, we welcomed Keisuke, Yamato, Rintaro, Ruki, Ringo, Akane, Hanon and Suzuka. 

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Noosa – Mouth-Watering National Banana Split Day – 25th August

Indulging in Delight: Lexis Students Celebrate National Banana Split Day!

At Lexis Noosa, the air was filled with excitement and a hint of anticipation as students came together to celebrate a unique and delicious occasion – National Banana Split Day! This annual event, dedicated to the beloved dessert, gave our students the perfect opportunity to showcase their creativity and culinary skills while savoring a classic treat.

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Noosa – Commemorating Our Wonderful Graduates – 25th August

This afternoon, we rejoiced in the accomplishments and breakthroughs of 44 adored students from Lexis Noosa!

Education marks a profound voyage that empowers individuals to unlock their potential, embrace a variety of cultures, and realize their aspirations. As their English journey draws to a close, it is a moment to honor the remarkable achievements of these graduating students. They’ve not only conquered language barriers but also forged enduring companionships and unforgettable experiences.

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