Noosa – Beach Volleyball Fun at Koala Bar – 22nd September

Embracing the afternoon sunshine at KB’s Noosa whilst playing beach volleyball, eating burgers, drinking beers and swimming in the pool!

Summertime is well and truly on its way in Noosa, and what better way to celebrate this beautiful weather and end of the week than playing beach volleyball, eating burgers, drinking beers, and swimming in the pool!

Nestled in the heart of Noosa’s vibrant beach culture is Koala Bar, a haven for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Here, a group of Lexis students came together and embraced the sun, sand, and sport, forging friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

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Noosa – Warm Welcome to This Week’s New Starters – 25th September

This morning we welcomed 10 new General English students to Lexis English Noosa – A journey of language exploration!

Welcome to Lexis English Noosa, where language dreams come alive! Whether students are here to enhance their language skills for personal or professional growth, we are delighted to have these students join our vibrant school. As we embark on this adventure with our new starters, we take great pride in guiding our students and we are so excited to witness their growth throughout their time here. We hope our new starters make ever-lasting memories at Lexis Noosa!

Let’s welcome these 10 wonderful minds to begin their General English journey:

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Scarborough Beach – English Pronunciation Matters! – 22nd September

English pronunciation matters! For all learners of English, accurate pronunciation is crucial for improving communication skills, boosting your confidence and fluency. In this blog post, Lexis Scarborough’s Academic Manager, Debbie, explores various strategies and techniques to help Lexis students improve their pronunciation.

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