Noosa – Exciting Learn to Surf Lesson – 17th March

On Friday afternoon, some of our students gave Noosa’s most iconic sport a try, surfing!!
In Noosa, surfing isn’t just a historic sport here, it’s our lifestyle.

Learning to surf in Noosa is an exciting and memorable experience for anyone who loves the ocean and adventure. With its beautiful beaches, clear warm waters, and consistent gentle waves, Noosa is an ideal location to learn how to surf. It’s a way of life for many people living in Noosa, and there are numerous surf shops, cafes, and bars that cater to surfers. This creates a sense of community and camaraderie among us, which can be a great motivation to keep learning and improving our surfing skills. So, that’s exactly what our students did.

Merricks Learn to Surf School run 2 hour lessons for people of all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced surfer, you’ll enjoy a structured class by 2x Australian and World Pro-Am Champion, Merrick, and his elite team of world-class coaches. With their new technology, quality surf boards and teaching techniques you’ll be provided with the skills, drills and style you need to stand up during your first lesson.

We had 9 students join in Merricks Learn to Surf class on Friday afternoon, and it was such a memorable experience for them all!

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Noosa – Celebrating our Graduates – 17th March

On Friday, we had 14 amazing students graduate from Lexis English Noosa!
It’s always sad to say farewell, however we are all stoked to see how far their English has come and to see them move into their new chapters in life.

Friday is graduation day at Lexis where we celebrate and congratulate all of our students that completed their English course. This week, we are congratulating and celebrating fourteen of our amazing students for their hard work and dedication.

We are saying goodbye to our General English students Rena, Kanta, Yuna, Gen, Yuki, Akari, Dan, Koharu, Nanami, Julia, Asagi and Sirikarn. We also said goodbye to two students who were enrolled in part-time English and part-time surfing: Shou-Zong (Sunny) and Elena. From everyone at Lexis Noosa, we are so proud of your English achievements and can’t wait to see Sunny and Elena shred it on the waves.

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Noosa – Memorable Homestay Experiences – 16th March

“Kotone and Saki have got to be two of the most outgoing and happy pair of students I have hosted in my 12 years of being a host Mum!” – Homestay Mum

This coming Saturday on 18th March, will be an emotional morning as two Japanese students, Kotone and Saki have to say goodbye to their lovely host family and vise versa. The host Mum has said that the two girls have been the absolute best and that they’ve been so blessed to make such fun, lasting memories in such a short time together.

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Noosa – Making mouth-watering rocky road! – 15th March

Yesterday, our students got busy in the kitchen and made some rocky road! Most of the students had never tried rocky road before and were eager to taste this sweet treat!

The finished product looked and tasted amazing! For our students that had never tried rocky road before, they were very pleased with how yummy it was! 

We had a great time making and tasting this delicious, sweet treat!

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Byron Bay – Aussie beer tasting – 10 March 2023

On Friday Students got to taste and critique seven Aussie beers: Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Stone & Wood Green Coast, Victoria Bitter VB, Yulli’s Amanda Mandarin IPA, Little Creatures’ Pale Ale, Coopers Sparkling Ale and White Rabbit Dark Ale.

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Noosa – Great Job Opportunities – 14th March

Are you currently looking for a job in Noosa? 

We have searched the web for your convenience and have put a list together of some exciting new job opportunities that could suit your study schedule with Lexis English here in Noosa.

If you need help with job hunting, creating a resume, the application process or preparing for an interview, you can attend the Jobs Workshop from 2pm – 3pm on Tuesday’s or speak to Kira or Skyla in reception. As long as you have a Working Visa to legally work in Australia, you’re all set to go!

Below are the current job positions from Seek.

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Noosa – Delicious Aussie BBQ in the park! – 13th March

On Monday we had a classic Aussie BBQ with all of our amazing students and teachers!

From backyard barbeques to beachside picnics, Aussies love nothing more than firing up the grill and cooking up a storm. So to help give our students the full Australian experience, we held a classic Aussie BBQ in the park. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, and the snags were delicious. (P.S if you didn’t know, “snag” is slang for “sausage” here in Australia).

Overall, it was a very relaxed afternoon for everyone, enjoying the sunshine, good food and great company!

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Noosa – Welcoming our new students! – 13th March

This week in Noosa, we have 5 new students starting their English studies at our campus! 

We are giving a warm welcome to our General English Students: Maria from Italy, Tania from Spain, Suthep from Thailand, Doeon from Korea and Manuela from Switzerland.

We are wishing our new students all the best for their first week here at Lexis English Noosa!

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