Public Transport – Best tip on how to save money in public transport as an international student in Western Australia

Public transport is one of the best and safest ways to move around in Australia and as a Lexis English student you are eligible for a special discounted student concession fare, just follow these simple steps to get your public transport card, start saving money and enjoy commuting with ease to your campus and get to know better your new home and its beautiful landmarks and landscapes.

As part of the long list of benefits and perks of being a Lexis English student in Perth additionally to the excellent quality of education and highly qualified teachers, the advantage of choosing between our spectacular city campus located in the heart of the city in Perth CBD or choosing to experience the local beach life of one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, Scarborough beach, just a few minutes walk from the campus and much more. You also will have the chance to get your own public transport student concession card and take advantage of it by paying a highly discounted rate per transfer.

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PTE or IELTS… Which is easier?

PTE or IELTS… Which is easier? If you are looking to study at vocational or higher education level in Australia, or if you are looking for an English test to support an immigration application, sooner or later you are going to have to demonstrate a level of English. In most cases, this means taking a recognised test – normally one of either Cambridge, PTE or IELTS.

Lexis is a widely recognised provider of Cambridge exam courses at PET, FCE, CAE and CPE level. Since Australia’s borders have reopened following COVID however, we are receiving more and more requests for PTE and IELTS preparation. The main question we receive from students is ”What’s the difference between IELTS and PTE?”. The following question is always “IELTS or PTE… Which is easier??”.

Read on for our take on this…

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