Public Transport – Best tip on how to save money in public transport as an international student in Western Australia

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Public transport is one of the best and safest ways to move around in Australia. As a Lexis English student in Western Australia, you are eligible for a special discounted student concession fare. Just follow these simple steps to get your public transport card, start saving money and enjoy commuting with ease to your campus and get to know better your new home and its beautiful landmarks and landscapes.

As part of the long list of benefits and perks of being a Lexis English student in Perth (additionally to the excellent quality of education and highly qualified teachers, the advantage of choosing between our spectacular city campus located in the heart of the city in Perth CBD or choosing to experience the local beach life of one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, Scarborough beach, just a few minutes walk from the campus and much more!!), you also will have the chance to get your own public transport student concession card and take advantage of it by paying a highly discounted rate per transfer.

Step 1. On your first day of induction at Lexis English Perth, you will get a form to fill in with your basic details and student information, after filling it in all you have to do is handed over at any of the TransPerth main stations either in Glendalough station in Scarborough or any other Perth city station, if you are not sure what is the nearest station to your location, check Here.

Step 2. Once you have your brand new SmartRider student concession card, PLEASE! do always carry your Lexis Student id card to avoid penalty fees for not carrying a valid id to prove you are entitled to a student concession fare and that you are the rightful owner of the card.

If you would like to get further information about Concession fares please visit,

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At the start and end of each journey, place your SmartRider on the Tag On/Off card readers located on buses, ferries and at train stations. When you use your SmartRider, one of three lights will appear on the SmartRider machine:

  • Green means GO
  • Orange means WARNING

o Running low on value; or,

o Default fare, you forgot to tag off on your last journey.

  • Red means STOP

o Balance too low, add value before travelling.

•   Autoload (direct debit) is the easiest and cheapest way to add value to your SmartRider (activation can take up to 48 hours)

  • On board buses and ferries (cash notes only, no change given)
  • At any Transperth InfoCentre or SmartRider Retail Sales Outlet (RSO)
  • Add-Value Machines (AVMs) at stations
  • Set up BPAY over the phone or online (It may take up to five working days to transfer funds using SPAY and you must tag on within two weeks of making a BPAY payment).

    Looking after your SmartRider Card
    Keep your SmartRider safe and secure at all times by avoiding heat, water and puncturing the card. If you happen to lose your card, don’t worry. Student SmartRiders are automatically registered so if your card is lost or stolen, TransPerth can transfer the remaining balance to your new card. Just inform TransPerth as soon as you notice it’s gone so they can hotlist the card and protect the balance. Need a new card? Talk to us at Lexis reception or visit to order a new one.

Download the Transperth app to:

  • Track your bus, train and ferry services in real-time
  • Plan your journey and save your favourites.

To learn more about SmartRider cards and preparing for public transport, visit or call 13 62 13.


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