The 5 minute guide to professional sports teams in Perth

We’re spoilt for quality sport in Perth, and sometimes it feels like Perth people talk about nothing else!  Here’s a five minute guide to professional sports teams in Perth (just enough to get you through a BBQ with your host family!)….   Cricket There’s no sport bigger in Australian than cricket (and probably no sport … Continued

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5 ‘Perth slang’ terms to sound like a local

Slang in Australian English is pretty much the same all over the country.  If you speak to locals though, you’ll find that there are some slang terms for local places that are used only in Perth.  Here’s a quick guide to uniquely Perth slang…   Do you want to sound just like a local?  Here … Continued

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6 great hints for finding student accommodation in Perth

Finding affordable student accommodation in Perth can be a challenging task, particularly for international students who are new to the city. With the rising cost of living, it can be hard to secure affordable accommodation that meets your budget and needs. However, with careful planning and research, you can find a suitable place to live … Continued

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Is Perth Australia’s best-kept-secret study destination?

Perth often feels like Australia’s ‘forgotten city’ for international students, especially when compared to Sydney and Melbourne.  It might be time for a second look ….. here’s why many people are now saying that Perth is Australia’s best option for international students. Perth is a beautiful city located on the western coast of Australia and … Continued

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Welcome to Lexis Perth City

The first day of a new Campus opening is always exciting, but with an amazing group of students at the new Perth City school, it felt all the more special.       Today we welcomed more than 40 new starters to the Lexis Family, with students from Colombia, Switzerland, Mongolia, Chile, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, … Continued

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Lexis Perth City Campus Opening February 2023

Lexis Perth City campus is located on Perth’s ‘main street’ St Georges Terrace, just a short walk to public transport (including Perth’s famous free loop buses), the Swan River, King’s Park and all the action of Perth’s leading entertainment district.

Newly opened in 2023, Lexis Perth City campus has 18 modern classrooms, ample breakout space and a wonderful in-house café operated by our Barista Training students.

With video projectors or interactive whiteboards in every classroom, the Lexis Perth City campus is designed to maximise your learning opportunities, all while enjoying all the excitement of Perth’s inner city.

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