5 ‘Perth slang’ terms to sound like a local

Slang in Australian English is pretty much the same all over the country.  If you speak to locals though, you’ll find that there are some slang terms for local places that are used only in Perth.  Here’s a quick guide to uniquely Perth slang…


Do you want to sound just like a local?  Here are ten slang terms for Perth placenames that you’ll hear everyday.




Short for Rottnest Island, the popular holiday island just off the coast of Perth.

“Looks like the weather’s going to be great this weekend….what about a trip to Rotto?”


“The Freeway”

A reference to the Kwinana Freeway, a major highway in Perth that runs North to South, linking Perth City with Mandurah.

“Sorry I was late, mate – the Freeway was running slow”



Short for Fremantle, a port city to the South of Perth that has become integrated into the Perth area.

“I’m thinking Friday night beers down at Freo!  Are you in?”


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“Woop Woop”

A term used to describe a place that is far away or in the middle of nowhere, normally referring to the desert East of Perth

“He lives in Perth now, but he’s a real country boy….he grew up out in Woop Woop somewhere”


“Scarbs” (or sometimes “Boro”)

Refers to Scarborough Beach, one close to the heart of all Lexis Perth students!

“On an evening like this, we should head out to Scarbs for a surf and the sunset”


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A reference to the Dunsborough, a popular holiday spot to the South West of Perth.

“Mate, why don’t we take a sickie on Monday and have a long weekend down at Duns?”


“The Mount”

A reference to Mount Lawley, a suburb of Perth known for its cafes and nightlife.

“I’m thinking of The Mount….dinner at that new Thai place, then we can hit the dance floor”


There are plenty of others…sometimes it feels that West Australians have a pet name for just about everywhere!  Try a few out in conversation…you’ll be sounding like a local in no time at all!


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