Lexis Brisbane – How to Find the Best Accommodation in Brisbane- 3 November 2022

How to Find Accommodation in Brisbane

The Brisbane River Showing Accommodation In The Background.

Finding a place to stay in Brisbane can be difficult. Brisbane is a big city with a lot of different options available for students. If possible, it is a good idea to arrange accommodation before you arrive in Brisbane as many places book out months in advance. Here is a guide to finding a place to stay in Brisbane.

Lexis Accommodation

For a convenient and safe way to find a place to stay in Brisbane, you can stay with an Australian family in our homestay program or in student accommodation at Student One in Brisbane while you are studying at Lexis.


Koyuki With Her Homestay Accommodation Family.

Homestays are perfect for anyone who wants to experience life with an Australian family. You will live in an Australian family’s home, eat meals with them and be a part of family life. At Lexis Brisbane, we have lots of wonderful and kind homestay families who are ready to host our students.

We suggest that you request a homestay before you arrive in Australia so that we can find the perfect family for you. Our lovely homestay coordinator, Maria, may also be able to help you once you arrive depending on availability.

Here’s what our current students say about their homestay families:

Koyuki (Japan):  “My homestay is really good. My host mother and father are really kind to me and so friendly. After dinner, we usually take a walk together and chat. Sometimes we walk for around 40 minutes. My host mother cooks really good food from many different countries like Japan, Turkey and the USA. I taught her how to make Japanese udon, so she sometimes makes it for us. My host mother always helps me with my life in Brisbane. She helped me find volunteer work at a primary school. So thanks to her, I could do volunteer work.”

Koyuki With Her Homestay Family'S Dog. Family Dinner At Koyu'S Homestay

Alessandro (Italy): “I think my homestay is good because my family is nice. My homestay mother makes me feel comfortable like I’m at home. I appreciate it when she makes me some Italian food.”

It’s not just our students who love homestay, our host families also love to have our students. Many of our host families enjoy showing our students around Brisbane and introducing them to Australian culture. Homestay is an excellent option for anyone who wants to experience Australian life.

Student One

Student One

If you are looking for somewhere to stay that is nice and close to our Brisbane campus, Student One might be the right option for you.  Student One has student-only apartments that are based in the Brisbane CBD and have excellent facilities such as BBQ areas, pools and games room.

They are within walking distance to Lexis and, if you book one of the Lexis apartments, your flat mates will be other Lexis students. As with homestay, Student One apartments are very popular! We recommend that you book your Lexis Brisbane Student One apartment as early as possible to ensure that there is a room available.

Many of our current students stay in Student One. Here is what one of them has to say:

Roberta (Italy): “I think Student One is good because you can meet a lot of new people there. Like your flat mates and other students who are not in your class at school. It is comfortable because you can cook for yourself and you have your own room for privacy when you need some quiet. There is also lots of facilities for Students to use like the lounge.”

Student One Accommodation - Student Lounge

If you would like to find out more about the accommodation that Lexis Brisbane has to offer, click here.


Other Accommodation

If you would prefer to find your own place to stay in Brisbane, here are some websites that you can use to search for a property:

Short-term Accommodation

Many students choose to stay in hostels or short-term rentals before they arrive. You can use these websites below to search for short-term accommodation in Brisbane.

Hostel World: www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Brisbane/Australia
Air Bnb: www.airbnb.com.au/brisbane-australia/stays
Booking.com: www.booking.com/hostels/city/au/brisbane.en-gb.html

Facebook marketplace and Gumtree also have accommodation advertised but please be cautious using these sites as there is no regulation on advertisements.

Long-term Accommodation

For a more permanent rental property, you can use these websites to find share houses, apartments and houses around Brisbane:

Flatmates: flatmates.com.au/
Flatmate Finder: www.flatmatefinders.com.au/rooms/brisbane
Realestate.com: www.realestate.com.au/share/brisbane-4000

Realestate.com www.realestate.com.au/rent/
Domain: www.domain.com.au/

Many apartment buildings in Brisbane have additional facilities like pools, gyms and outdoor areas available for tenants to use. Check with your real-estate agent to see if there are any additional costs for these facilities.

Accommodation With A Pool

While most of the properties available on these websites are legitimate, it is always important to inspect a property before signing any documents. Don’t pay or transfer any money before you have inspected the property and signed a contract.


Things to Check before Moving In


Most rental properties in Brisbane will require a rental deposit or bond that is 4 weeks of rent.
For example, if your rent is $200 per week, your deposit will be $800.

This money will be returned to you when you leave the property if there is no damage to the property.


Before signing a lease, you can inspect the property with the real estate agent. During the inspection, you can ask the real estate agent any questions that you have. It is a good idea to take notes during your inspection time. Usually, these inspections are at set times. However, you may be able to request a private inspection.

In Australia, real estate agents conduct property inspections every few months to ensure that there is no damage to the property and that everything is functioning correctly.

What to ask your real estate agent 

  • Are there any rules at the property? Such as rules for visitors, smoking or pets?
  • What are the rules for common areas in shared accommodation?
  • Confirm the total amount of money you will need to pay before you move into the property.
  • What is the rent schedule? Is it weekly, fortnightly or monthly?
  • How do you need to pay rent? Most agencies require direct deposits.
  • Are any bills included in your rent?
  • Are any appliances supplied?

Signing your lease

Before signing your lease, take the time to read it thoroughly and ensure that you understand all of the conditions of the lease. Take photos of any damage at the property and keep a record for when you move out. Make sure to address any questions or issues before signing your lease.

For a complete guide to renting in Queensland, check out the Residential Tenant Authority’s (RTA) website here. There is information in a few different languages including Spanish, Korean and Japanese.

We hope that this blog post is helpful for you in your accommodation search. If you would like to have a look at our new Brisbane campus before you arrive, click here to take a virtual tour. Alternatively, if you’d like to find out more about our wonderful city, click here.

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