Noosa – Colourful Pottery Painting – 11th July

Colourful Afternoon at Lexis Noosa

Last week our students spent the afternoon moulding beautiful clay creations, and this week we painted them!

Paint 7 Scaled

Painting combines creativity, relaxation, skill-building, social interaction, and personal fulfillment into a single activity. It’s a versatile and colourful way to engage with the world and express yourself.

Colourful Club

In a fast-paced world, painting pottery offers a therapeutic escape. As our students immersed themselves in the task at hand, the outside noise faded away and they found solace in the rhythm of painting.

Paint 2 Scaled

The tactile sensation of brushing the smooth surface of the pottery is not only calming but also meditative, allowing the students to reconnect with themselves and find inner peace.

Paint 5Paint 1 ScaledPaint 6 Scaled Paint 3 Scaled

We absolutely love these beautiful, colourful hand-made pieces, sculpted and painted by our wonderful students 🙂

If you would like to enjoy some art classes outside of school, check out Noosa Arts and Crafts for some ideas!


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