Byron Bay – Elementary Class Breakfast – 24 May 2022

Yesterday, was Week 1 at Lexis English. This means that we have returned to the start of the book, and lots of students have moved up to a higher level class.

For Elementary, this always means that Week 1 begins with a small class. (It’s a really great time for new low level students to join as because of this). At Lexis Byron Bay, Serena’s Elementary class now has only 5 students; Ibuki, Sayaka, Wawa, Luis and Aida.

To get Week 1 off to a great start, they organised a class breakfast where everybody brought in some traditional breakfast food from their country (or just stuff they like eating for breakfast). Luis brought Spanish omelette, Wawa Thai chicken soup, Ibuki sushi, Sayaka fruit and yoghurt, Aida, muffins, cookies and juice and Serena crumpets with butter and jam and tea.

The breakfast was a great opportunity for Serena to teach the students some new vocabulary such as lid, spread, cut etc. And it was delicious and fun too.

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Byron Bay – Meet our New Starters – 23 May 2022

This week we only had one new starter – Maria – who has been studying at our Sydney Manly campus for a couple of months.

Maria is from Chile and has transferred to Byron for the last month of her studies. She will then return to Chile but hopes to come back to Australia next year on a Working Holiday Visa.

We also welcomed back a familiar face. Some of you will remember Koko, who used to look after our homestay department. Well, we are delighted to say that she has come back to help out in the office for a few weeks. She was met by screams of excitement by some of the teachers and slid very quickly back into her old role.

We look forward to spending more time with both Maria and Koko over the next few weeks.

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Byron Bay – Graduation – 20 May 2022

This week we said goodbye to the lovely Paula who has been at Lexis Byron since we reopened in February. Her teachers Mel and Josie said they loved her positive, easy-going nature, which contributed to such a nice atmosphere in the classroom. They also commented on the change in her English skills since she started … Continued

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IELTS Preparation Now Open!

IELTS Preparation Now Open!

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most recognised English language test for higher education and migration. Lexis English’s IELTS Preparation course is the perfect way to prepare students for living, working or undertaking further studies in an English speaking environment.

Our Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, and Perth campuses are offering 100% Face to Face IELTS preparation courses starting from the 23rd of May 2022.

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Byron Bay – New Starters – 16 May 2022

  Today we welcomed students Misaki and Ryoga from Japan at Lexis Byron        Misaki is from Saitama, Japan. She has been waiting to study at Lexis Byron since 2020 and is excited to finally be here. In the interim she has studied English in Germany where she travelled, drank German beer and enjoyed … Continued

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Byron Bay – Aussie Food Tasting – 13 May 2022

  Today was a big day of feasting at Lexis Byron – the students threw their own farewell lunch for their graduating friends and then this afternoon’s activity was:   Aussie Food Tasting   We sampled a variety of classic Australian snacks, including vegemite toast, tim tams, lamingtons, fairy bread, pizza shapes and twisties.   … Continued

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Byron Bay – Graduation – 13 May 2022

  Today we say farewell to six of our students: Teresa, Bruna, Maki, Lorenzo, Daiana and Jennifer         Teresa has been an extremely motivated and focused student who is graduating from her Upper-Intermediate class with Grade A – congratulations! Her teachers found she was engage and asked lots of questions to improve … Continued

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Byron Bay – Yoga and Meditation – 11 May 2022

This afternoon Campus Manager Lisa lead a Yoga class focusing on Happiness.

There was a great turn of students and teachers wanting to participate and stretch together. Lisa created a detailed and personalised 60-minute sequence which she shared with us below, and had a lot of positive encouragement and feedback.

We encourage anyone interested in Yoga and Meditation practices to give it a try, there are a number of benefits to health and well-being as well as it being a a fun activity to do alone or with friends.

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Byron Bay – Meet our New Starters – 9 May 2022

This we welcomed 7 new students: Anouk from Switzerland, Lorenzo from Italy, Daniela from Chile, Alberto from Spain and Hikaru, Kao and Mai from Japan.     Lorenzo is from Italy and has come to travel the beautiful Australian countryside! He works for his family in a restaurant at home, and will look for work … Continued

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Byron Bay – Creative Drawing – 6 May 2022

Today our teacher, Elizabeth led a creative drawing activity – no artistic talent required. She showed students how to create some lovely abstract designs using coloured pencils and the students spent a very chilled couple of hours colouring, listening to music and chatting in English.   Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study … Continued

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