Lexis Brisbane – 5 Awesome Must-Have Apps for Lexis Students – 08 December 2022

5 Must-Have Apps for Lexis Students

These days, learning English has evolved past writing lines and drilling vocabulary. In the modern English classroom, apps play an important role in the language learning process. Here is a list of 5 must-have apps for every Lexis Brisbane student!

5. Cambridge English Dictionary

The first of our must-have apps is the Cambridge English Dictionary app. This app has everything that you would expect from a regular dictionary plus lots of additional features! It has both the UK and US pronunciation of words, a smart thesaurus option and clear examples. Perfect for all English learners.

Cambridge Dictionary App Example

4. LearnEnglish Sounds Right

LearnEnglish Sounds Right is a completely free app from the British English Council that helps English learners with pronunciation using phonetics. The app uses the phonetic alphabet and voice recordings to help learners practice the sounds. There are also examples of words that use each sound to help you practise using the sounds while speaking.

Englishsoundright App

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is an app that uses flashcards to help users memorise content. You can create flashcard ‘sets’ to practice groups of words. We suggest sorting your flashcards by your course unit or alternatively, you can use the pre-made sets that use the content from our Empower textbooks.

Quizlet is an excellent tools for students who want to increase their vocabulary and test their knowledge. Because you only need your phone, you can use this app to make your commute a quick study session.

Many of our teachers use Quizlet in the classroom and our students love the Quizlet class quizzes as review activities.

You can learn more about Quizlet here.

2. Kahoot

Lexis Brisbane - Students Playing A Quiz On The Kahoot App. One Of The Top Apps At Lexis Brisbane

Kahoot is a game-based learning tool that allows teachers to make and share customised quizzes using their lesson content. It is one of the most popular apps used by Lexis Brisbane teachers! Kahoot is an excellent revision tool and a crowd favourite at Lexis Brisbane because not only is it effective, it’s lots of fun. Students can play individually or in teams using their phones to answer the quiz questions.

Although you don’t need the app to use Kahoot, it makes playing much easier and more convenient. We suggest that you download the Kahoot app now so that you are ready to play on game day!

1. MyLexis

The final and most important app of our must-have apps is the MyLexis app. This app is essential for every student at Lexis Brisbane. Not only is it a useful tool for contacting your teacher and classmates, the MyLexis app has updates about student activities, class changes and events around Brisbane.  Each class has their own group to ensure that students don’t miss information and can access resources.

Our teachers at Lexis Brisbane use MyLexis to upload their class materials, provide additional resources for their students, post class photos and hold class discussions outside of the classroom.

Mylexis App Extension Activity Post

Using MyLexis is the best way for Lexis Brisbane students to stay up-to-date with everything happening at our campus! You will receive a link to join the MyLexis app before you start studying at Lexis.


We hope this list of apps is helpful for students who are currently studying at Lexis Brisbane or anyone who is about to join the Lexis family.

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