Lexis Brisbane – The Secret to Working and Studying in Brisbane with Lovely Sayaka- 17 November 2022

Working and Studying in Brisbane with Sayaka

Evening Class Student Sayaka In Front Of A Jacaranda Tree

Coming to Australia to learn English is just as much about immersing yourself in Australian life as it is studying in the classroom. Many of our students have jobs in Brisbane for some extra money and to experience Australian life. We asked the lovely Sayaka how she balances working and studying at Lexis Brisbane. Sayaka is in the evening Intermediate class and this interview is written in her words.

Tell me about yourself?

I’m Sayaka, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Japan. My favourite TV show is Peaky Blinders and my favourite drink is a piccolo because I love coffee.

Where do you work? What hours do you work?

My work place is a Japanese restaurant in Fortitude Valley and I work during the day.

How do you manage working and full time study?

I want to be a nurse in Australia so I feel strong when I study. However, I can’t study all the time so I do what I like on the days I want to rest. I also imagine the future and have more fun.

How do your English classes help you at work?

There is lots of slang in Australia so sometimes my teachers teach it. Every week we learn new vocabulary and grammar. I can use it and I understand the customers.
Also, before my interview I watched interviews on YouTube because it was my first English interview and I was very nervous. I also practice speaking with my teacher.

What do you do in your free time?

I study for IELTS and go to cafes with my friends.

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Sayaka with her friends, Monday and Kanon and her teacher, Ali.


Can you tell me about your friends in Brisbane?

My friend Monday is from Thailand. When I started this school she always talked to me and we helped each other.

*Sayaka and Monday are still in the same class. Their teachers say they do a fantastic job of speaking English.*

What is your favourite thing to do in Brisbane?

Evening Class Student, Sayaka'S Favourite Bakery In Brisbane

I like finding good coffee and delicious almond croissants. My recommendation is Christian Jacques bakery.

Editors Note: Thank you for this recommendation Sayaka! I know where I will be getting my croissants this weekend. Click here if you have a croissant craving.

Sayaka At The Beach After Working All Day.

Any final comments?

All of the teachers are friendly and kind. It can be tough at first, but I have a lot of fun times too.


Evening Class Q&A


Evening classes offer our students flexibility to both study and work in Brisbane. However, people often think of evening classes students as being less serious than classes held during the day. We asked Sayaka’s teacher, Ali, to tell us about the evening classes at Lexis Brisbane.

So, be honest, are evening classes easier than morning classes?

Haha, we wish! Our evening class students work hard and study harder! They are just as invested in learning English as any of the other students at Lexis.

How is night class different to a morning class? 

Well, we teach exactly the same content in our evening classes as we do in the morning. We do lots of different activities and progress tests every week so night classes aren’t that different to morning classes. However, our night class teachers understand that our students have been working hard all day and we need to adjust our lessons to help them learn. For example, in the night class, I try to only teach difficult concepts in the first half of the evening when my class has a bit more energy.

Do night class students miss out on being a part of the Lexis Family? 


Absolutely not! We make sure that our night class students get to make the most of life in Brisbane, just like our students who study during the day. We go on outings, have parties, do cooking activities and have games nights. We make sure that our classes have the opportunity to experience Brisbane, socialise and learn about Australian culture.

Sayaka At The Evening Class Halloween Party With Kanon, Ray And Ismael.

Sayaka at the evening class Halloween Party with Kanon, Ray and Ismael. Check out our blog post about our awesome Halloween Party at Lexis Brisbane here.

Finally, how about learning support? Is there any extra help for evening class students? 

We have GIL for our evening class students. GIL stands for Guided Individual Learning and is an opportunity for students to get extra help with their homework, ask questions or get some extra speaking or listening practice with one of our evening class teachers.

Sayaka, Ali And Masami At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Sayaka and Ali for taking the time to chat about working and studying for Lexis Brisbane students. If you would like to join Sayaka and Ali in the evening class, click here to find out more about our Brisbane campus.



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