Lexis Brisbane – Spectacular Halloween Celebrations- 2.11.2022

 Halloween Celebrations at Lexis Brisbane!

To celebrate Halloween this year, we had a month of activities and events. So, as October comes to an end, here’s everything our Lexis Brisbane students have been up to this month. We have loved seeing everyone’s creative, imaginative Halloween spirit to celebrate this year’s spooky season. This month has been filled with fun Halloween themed activities such as pumpkin crafts, ghost garlands and graveyard trifles.

The highlight of the month had to be our fantastic Halloween party held at our Brisbane campus last Friday. Everyone had such a great time dressing up for the costume competition, playing games and of course indulging in lots of sweet treats.

Creepy Crafts

Then our students got in touch with their younger selves and loved creating and making their own decorations, which have added a spooky touch to our Brisbane campus. We made a range of different paper decorations, such as pumpkin lanterns, paper bats and ghost garlands. In each activity, our wonderful students we able to add a personal touch, which made the decorations perfect for displaying at our front desk. We have loved having these decorations at reception and they have caught lots of attention from staff and students walking past, as well as guests to our campus!

Students Making Halloween Bats.

Halloween Pumpkins Displayed At Reception.

Spooky Pumpkins Students Created.

Halloween Ghost Creations.


Terrifying Treats

For this month’s cooking club our students had lots of fun getting creative in the kitchen with these Halloween inspired treats. Cooking club is always a very popular extra activity and this month’s celebration made it even more enjoyable.


Fanta Spiders

In Australia, we call ‘floats’ spiders. To add an Aussie touch to our celebrations, we made Fanta spiders. Although it is very popular in Australia to add ice-cream to soft drink, it was unique for our students, who initially thought of mixing soft drink and ice-cream was a bit strange. However, everyone was eager to try this Aussie twist on Halloween sweets. After tasting their spiders, our students unanimously decided that ice-cream and soft drink is a winning combination.

. Students Making Halloween Fanta Spiders

Graveyard Trifles

To continue our festivities, our second cooking activity in October was Halloween themed ‘Graveyard’ trifles. While trifles are usually eaten at Christmas time in Australia, this graveyard inspired recipe was perfect for this time of the year. While they don’t look very appetising, lots of students were eager to learn how to make these sweet graveyard trifles. They were very popular and simple to make! These delicious trifles consisted of chocolate mousse, crushed Oreos and gummy worms to top off this spooky treat.

Img 6700 ScaledImg 6694 1 ScaledStudents Assembling Their Trifles.


The Grand Finale

To finish off our fantastic month of hair-raising activities, we threw a Halloween costume party. All of the classes got involved and our students wore some terrific costumes.

The highlight of the Halloween party was the costume contest, which was a huge success! The administration team loved seeing the tremendous effort each class put into creating their costumes. There were some truly terrifying costumes like Natalie’s class dressed up as our worst nightmare, the present perfect tense!

The students had so much fun playing party games such as ‘punch trick or treat’, Halloween pong, winning lollies and chocolates and watching the costume parade. After the costume parade, the costume contest judges had the monster task of decided the best costume. Choosing just one winner was definitely challenging as everyone looked amazing but the judges came to a decision and decided Jayne’s Upper Intermediate class’ creative idea of dressing as M&Ms deserved victory. 

Nikki'S Intermediate Class Dressed In Their Costume.

Luke With His Intermediate Class.



Nina'S Upper Intermediate Class Posing In Their Group Costume.


Img 6793

Img 6801 1 Scaled E1667289248302

Not to miss out on any of the wicked fun, the evening class teachers hosted their costume party. The party was a lot of fun with games, laughs and some fantastic costumes! Joseph teacher stole the show as the Fire Lord from Avatar.

Night Class Halloween Party With Teachers Giving Instructions

Intermediate Night Class In Their Halloween Costumes

Advanced &Amp; Upper Intermediate Night Class In Their Halloween Costumes

However, the highlight of the party was the toilet paper mummy contest. Each class made a pair of mummies using toilet paper to wrap up their classmates. The winning class was Jayden’s elementary class, who had a very creative mummy bride and groom!.

Night Class Halloween Party Toilet Paper Mummy Competition

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to all of our wonderful teachers who worked very hard to organise their classes and of course our fantastic students for enthusiastically participating in our activities.

Although Halloween is a traditional holiday in the USA, it is becoming more popular in Australia. To read more about how to celebrate Halloween in Australia, click here.


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