Lexis Brisbane – Super Study Tips – 20 October 2022

Nikki’s Pre-Intermediate Class’s Top Study Tips

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Learning English can be very challenging. There are so many methods and resources available that it is difficult to decide how to study. Luckily, Nikki’s Pre-Intermediate class are making lots of progress and were willing to share their secrets with us! We asked them for their top study tips to help other students with their English studies.

5. Play fun English games.

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If you are having fun, it doesn’t feel like learning. Nikki’s class all suggested games to help you learn English. Games are a great way to practically use your English skills in a fun and realistic way. Nikki’s class’s favourite games are board race and slap the board. What games do you enjoy playing? We are sure there are English versions available for you to play.

Nikki'S Class Playing Charades

4. Read, read, read!

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Many of the students suggested reading English books. It may seem like a daunting task at first but you can start with children’s books.

There are many benefits to reading. If you read aloud, you can practice your pronunciation and increase fluency. Start with simple books to increase your confidence and work towards reading longer texts.

Reading is also a fantastic way to increase your vocabulary which in turn, increases your listening, speaking and writing skills. You can take note of any news words and either ask your teacher or check YouTube for the correct pronunciation.

Finally, the best part about reading is that you can do it anywhere! Even reading for a short amount of time on a regular basis will help you improve your English abilities. So, go and find and interesting book and get reading!


3. Choose a good English course

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Of all of the study tips, this one seems to be the most obvious. However, it could be the most important. Nikki’s class said that you need to find a teacher who is always ready to help and has good activities.  It’s important to choose a course that suits your needs and learning style. Lexis Brisbane has both General English and exam preparation courses available. Check out all of our courses here, we are sure we can help you reach your English goals.

The reason we can be so confident in recommending our courses is because of our fantastic teachers. At Lexis Brisbane we think our teachers are pretty great, they all work very hard to make sure that our students understand and improve. If you want to see some of our wonderful teachers, click here to check out some teacher profiles.

2. Watch English movies and listen to English music

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Learning doesn’t have to only be from textbooks. Watching movies or TV shows and listening to music in English is an excellent way to develop your skills and fluency. By watching and listening to English media, you are able to hear a range of accents, vocabulary and expressions. It’s also a lot more fun than studying from a textbook! You can start with subtitles in your native language but try to work towards watching with English subtitles or listening to music while reading the lyrics.


1.  Don’t be shy! Speak in English.

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Our number one rule at Lexis Brisbane is ‘only speak in English’. Basically, the more you speak English, the more you improve. By speaking in English on campus, you can make friends from different countries, develop your speaking skills and gain confidence. Using English in daily life, like at the supermarket or post office, becomes much easier when you practice speaking regularly. So, don’t be shy! Speak in English.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Nikki and her wonderful class! We hope these study tips are helpful for you. Do you have any extra tips to add?

If you want to join Nikki and her enthusiastic class, click here to find our more about Lexis Brisbane.

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