Sydney – The adventures of Junior TAP students – August 2023

Our curious TAP students are taking learning from the classroom out into the real world. Have a look at their fun adventures!

Tap Students

After their successful morning English classes, our TAP students (Teenage Activity Program) experience a range of sporting, cultural, social and sightseeing activities in Sydney. Here’s a rundown of Yuma, Yik Yan Grace, Ritsu, Akari, Yui Ot., Ami, Junya, Danto, Naomi, Momoka, Hana, Kazuki, Yuuri, Shimon, Yui, Mitsuki, Tilo, Haru, Hayato, Kristina, Miko, Yui, Hinano, Aoi, Shengao and Margarida’s fun adventures.

Our TAP students got to discover the stunning walks along the Northern Beaches. With an impressive coastline, hidden beaches and jaw-dropping views at every turn, it’s easy to see why Sydney’s Northern Beaches are best discovered by foot. Our junior students went on the popular North Head, Long Reef, Shelly Beach and Queenscliff walk together.

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After their first weeks of studying it was time for a full day excursion! Our lovely Dylan, who accompanied all activities with the students, took them out to discover the Blue Mountains. Our students learned that the blue colour that seems to surround the area is in fact due to the eucalyptus forest, that the blue mountains are older than the Grand Canyon and discovered parts of the 900 canyons and 250km walking tracks.

Tap Students Blue Mountains

Tap Students Blue Mountains

Most students come to Australia with a clear idea of our wildlife, Kangaroos everywhere and Koalas up the tree. Even though that doesn’t match our actual wild life, there are still plenty of animals to discover! Our students spent a day at the famous Taronga Zoo, located on the beautiful harbourside and discovered over 4.000 animals from 350 species.
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Luckily our students joined the Lexis Manly family just in time for whale season. With a campus located right on the beach front, our students often get lucky and see whales from their classrooms. But for our TAP students we planned a special whale tour to see these majestic creatures up close. Not only did they get to enjoy the cruise and whales but also a group of dolphins which came by to say Hi.

Tap 4 E1692072830243

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What makes Sydney so popular? Most people would answer the beaches and surf lifestyle – of course our TAP students got to discover the fun beach sports and learned how to surf, paddle board and play beach volleyball. They learned the basics of surfing at a local surf school just down the street and were so proud and joyful when they got to surf their first wave. While paddle boarding didn’t take long to learn, the challenge was to stay on the board during all the fun games the group played. On Friday’s it is Lexis tradition to play beach volleyball down on Manly beach. It didn’t take long and all students had a great technique and could enjoy a game with their new friends.

Tap 6 2 E1692075300932

Studying in Manly the famous Sydney CBD is only a ferry ride away. Our students got to explore the iconic sights and even went on a cruise around the Harbour. Next to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, Sydney also has a lot of museums to offer, our student’s enjoyed discovering the Australian National Museum and Contemporary Art Museum.
Tap 7 1 E1692076646950

We are sad to see the time with Yuma, Yik Yan Grace, Ritsu, Akari, Yui Ot., Ami, Junya, Danto, Naomi, Momoka, Hana, Kazuki, Yuuri, Shimon, Yui, Mitsuki, Tilo, Haru, Hayato, Kristina, Miko, yui, Hinano, Aoi, Shengao and Margarida come to an end but hope these special memories will hold a place in our student’s hearts. We adored getting to know everyone and will certainly miss the fun and joy these brave junior students brought to our Manly campus. It was great to see the strong friendships you formed and how much your English has improved over the past 3 weeks.
All the best for your bright future, we hope to see you again soon!

Note Tap Teacher Scaled E1692079199714
Thank you to our teachers who made the studies so fun and helped each TAP student to be proud of their progress!
Tap Graduates 1 Scaled E1692077131768
Thank you to our amazing junior students for making this such a special TAP program!

The next intake for TAP students in Sydney will be in March 2024

About the Lexis TAP Program

TAP offers a fun mix of academic, cultural and sporting activities to international junior students. All activities are fully supervised by trained and qualified instructors, and parents are invited to check in each day at to keep up with all the fun!

The college provides an ‘English Only’ environment to support learning. Intakes at Sydney campus usually occur twice a year – visit the website for details.

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