Cambridge English Advanced (CAE)

Cambridge Preparation programs are something of our speciality here at Lexis English. Over the years we have earned a reputation for the quality of our Cambridge Preparation programs, our teachers and our teaching methods and materials.

The popularity of our Cambridge Preparation programs means that we can always offer our students the full range of options, whether you are starting your Cambridge journey at a PET level, moving through FCE and CAE, or challenging yourself to the most advanced level, Cambridge CPE. Studying Cambridge Preparation at Lexis you will:

  • Study in a class where everyone is motivated towards the same goal
  • Be taught by a dedicated and experienced Cambridge teacher
  • Improve your reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening skills
  • Practice with sample exam questions and develop strategies to achieve the best possible results
  • Gain a formal English qualification recognised by employers and educational institutions around the globe

What is Cambridge CAE?

Cambridge CAE is an Upper Intermediate level exam designed to assess a student’s ability to

  • follow an academic course at university level
  • communicate effectively at managerial and professional level
  • participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars
  • carry out complex and challenging research
  • express yourself with a high level of fluency
  • react appropriately in different cultural and social situations.

Cambridge CAE is backed by the largest research programme of its kind, and as such the exams are regarded as providing the most reliable reflection of your language skills.  This has been reflected in Australia recently, with the Department of Immigration accepting CAE results for immigration purposes.

Once you have earned a Cambridge English certificate, you hold one of the most valuable English qualifications in the world.

Why should I study Cambridge CAE?

More than 12,000 employers, universities and colleges, government departments and other organisations around the world rely on Cambridge English language exams.

Employers count on CAE for recruitment because the exam features real-life language skills for use in the professional world.

Universities and colleges rely on it for admitting students because they know candidates with a CAE certificate already have the academic language skills they need for studying at degree level.

Is my level right for CAE?

The best way to find out is to complete our Online Level Test.  We will send you results, along with our recommendations for study, within 24 hours.

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