Sydney – The adventures of Junior TAP students – March 2024

Our 12 curious junior students from Japan are taking learning from the classroom out into the real world!

Tap Students

After their successful morning classes, our TAP students (Teenage Activity Program) experience a range of sporting, cultural, social and sightseeing activities in Sydney.

In the first week Ema, Itsuki, Nanami, Reika, Eitaro, Mana, Kota and Aoi discovered Manly’s beaches, Sydney’s famous sights, native art and animals. For the second week the group was joined by Miyabi, Kasumi, Yuna and Yu who joined the group for beach walks, water activities and scenic excursions.

☀️ SIGHTSEEING FUN – Discovering Sydney, the Northern Beaches and more

Back in 1788 Governor Arthur Philip explored the northern bays of Sydney, he described the Indigenous men he met as “strong” and “manly” which gave this beautiful area on the Northern Beaches the name “Manly”.
Manly Beach is one of Australia’s most famous beaches, best known for being the beach where the world’s first surfing contest was held in 1964. Nowadays Manly is known for its unique surf culture and lifestyle. To kick off their adventures the students got to discover what Manly has to offer on a guided tour.Whatsapp Image 2024 03 25 At 4.41.13 Pm E1712031594134

The ferry between Manly and Circular Quay carries over 10 million passengers a year and now our junior TAP students got to experience the popular ride along the Sydney Harbour.
Once they arrived at Sydney’s CBD they discovered the famous sights, the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, up close and made their way through Sydney’s city center.

Whatsapp Image 2024 03 20 At 09.58.19 E1711077111826After studying hard in their morning classes all week the TAP students gave the classroom a break and headed out on an exciting day trip. A private tour bus took our 12 students out to the Blue Mountains, home to over 455 different animal species and older than the Grand Canyon. The group discovered the iconic scenery, rugged sandstone, waterfalls and lookouts.

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🏄🏻‍♂️ ACTIVE AFTERNOONS – Discovering popular beach sports

Manly is the birthplace of Australian surfing – the first ever Surfing World Titles were hosted here in 1964! Nowadays Manly is known for its unique surf culture and lifestyle. The brave TAP students jumped in the famous waves, learned how to surf and discovered hidden talents. Before the lesson most students were hesitant and nervous, but for the next days the joy and excitement was still dominating most conversations – the group loved this rewarding and unique experience!Whatsapp Image 2024 03 28 At 5.00.00 Pm 1 E1712027915736After mastering Manly’s waves, our brave TAP students discovered another popular water sport in Australia: SUP! Stand up paddle boarding is a wonderful way to get out on the water and explore the natural surroundings of Sydney, while enjoying an active afternoon after a morning in the classroom.

Whatsapp Image 2024 03 26 At 4.32.24 Pm 1 E1712031482376

🐨 AUSTRALIA’S WILD LIFE – Exploring the native species

Koalas, Kangaroos, Crocodiles, Wombats… unique animals that call Australia their home. The TAP students got a chance to meet all of Australia’s native animals up close at a wildlife zoo. A special experience they won’t forget!

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Not only did our students discover furry animals, but also the unique sea life Australia has to offer. They spend an afternoon in the Sydney Aquarium, discovering every sea creature from small fish to large sharks.

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🎨 CREATIVE AFTERNOONS – Spending a colourful afternoon together

The boomerang represents the Indigenous Australians link to the country and a symbol for their long presence on this continent. Today our students learned about the difficult history of Australia and had a chance to get creative.

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5 1 Scaled E1712033141875Ema (14), Itsuki (15), Nanami (17), Reika (14), Eitaro (16), Mana (14), Kota (17), Aoi (17), Miyabi (17), Kasumi (14), Yuna (16) and Yu (13) have started off as strangers a week ago and will now share incredible memories for the rest of their lives. It was a pleasure to have you all on our Manly campus and show the amazing opportunities Sydney offers!
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The next intake for TAP Sydney will be July – August 2024.


About the Lexis TAP Program

TAP offers a fun mix of academic, cultural and sporting activities to international junior students. All activities are fully supervised by trained and qualified instructors, and parents are invited to check in each day at to keep up with all the fun!

The college provides an ‘English Only’ environment to support learning. Intakes at Sydney campus usually occur twice a year – visit the website for details.

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