Sydney – Awesome surf lesson at Manly beach – 13 December 2023

Riding the Waves: An Unforgettable Surf Lesson for Lexis Manly!

Surf Lesson
Keiko, Julian, Akari, Oliver, Satoe and Stefanie enjoying their surf lesson today!

At Lexis Manly, we believe in providing our students with unique and enriching experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Our students embarked on an exciting adventure that combined physical activity, nature and a whole lot of fun – a surf lesson! Lexis Manly is located just across the road from beautiful Manly Beach, which is where our students had their surf lesson today. It was a hot, summers day of 30 degrees, so perfect weather to jump into the water and catch some waves!

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Learning Surfing 101

As we are now officially in summer, the days are getting hotter and we thought a surf lesson would be such an exciting water-based activity for our students to enjoy. Lexis Manly arranged a private surf lesson at the local surf school, where six of our students eagerly participated. They geared up in wetsuits, received valuable insights about ocean currents, and then finally got the chance to experience the thrill of surfing firsthand. Lexis Manly is more than just a language learning experience, it involves embracing a new lifestyle and creating amazing memories. We take joy in witnessing our students fully experience their time in Sydney and truly embrace the authentic Northern Beaches lifestyle.

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Catching the waves

For some of our students, this surf lesson was their first encounter with the Australian ocean and their first time at surfing. However, they did such an amazing job out in the water today and almost all of them got to stand up on their surfboards. This surf lesson provided a valuable opportunity for our students to step out of their comfort zones, face their fears, and embrace new challenges.  Whether it was overcoming the initial fear of the open sea or conquering the challenge of standing on the board, every success on the waves translated into newfound confidence and resilience.

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Making memories!

Lexis Manly’s surf lesson was more than a day at the beach, it was an immersive educational adventure that left a lasting impression. It united our students, fostered teamwork, and instilled a sense of appreciation for the skill of surfing. By embracing the surf culture, the students discovered that sometimes, the best lessons are learned with saltwater in the air and the sun on your face.


Thank you to everyone who joined this amazing surf lesson today!


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