Sydney – A memorable paint and sip experience! – 20 December 2023

Unleashing Creativity: A Memorable Paint & Sip Afternoon at Lexis Manly!

Paint &Amp; Sip
Our amazing students & their beautiful creations!

At Lexis Manly we believe in nurturing creativity and fostering community through our engaging art workshops! These workshops have gained popularity among our students, who eagerly come together every Wednesday to explore new techniques, styles, and express themselves through painting and drawing. Today, at Lexis Manly we hosted a fabulous Paint & Sip session, offering students a chance to unwind, unleash their artistic talents and connect with one another in a relaxed & fun setting. It was a rainy day here in Sydney, so a perfect afternoon to stay inside, escape the rain and paint!

Paint And Sip
Sipping & Socialising.

We have done a few Paint & Sip sessions now at Lexis Manly, and each time they have been such a hit! Never heard of a Paint & Sip? Well, a Paint & Sip is a popular social activity that involves the combination of painting an artwork and ‘sipping’ on an alcoholic beverage, normally wine. The students are guided through a painting session by one of our talented teachers, allowing them to create their own artwork while socialising with others. It is a popular activity for both experienced artists and beginners, as it provides a fun and casual environment for artistic expression and social interaction.

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Building connections.

As the afternoon progressed, the students found moments to sip on the wine and engage in lively conversations. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere allowed for meaningful interactions, fostering a sense of camaraderie and community. Whether it was sharing painting tips, discussing artistic inspirations, or simply enjoying each others company, the Paint & Sip session became a space for connections to flourish.

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Creating Masterpieces!

The Paint & Sip session at Lexis Manly was more than just an afternoon of artistic expression, it was a celebration of creativity, connection and the joy of coming together. It showcased the amazing talents and spirit of community that defines our campus. It was heartwarming to witness the amazing talents as well as the laughter, and genuine social interaction during this delightful afternoon. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone for approaching this activity with such enthusiasm – it was truly a memorable experience for all!7 5 E1703056248142


Thank you to everyone who joined this creative activity!


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