Sydney – Celebrating our amazing graduates – 19 January 2024

Congratulations to our awesome graduates at Lexis Manly!

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Our Lexis Manly family celebrating our graduates!

Today we celebrated the outstanding contributions and dedication of 4 graduates at Lexis Manly. As we came together to honour our graduates, we reminisced on their remarkable journey – a journey of personal growth and academic achievement. Each student’s narrative stands as evidence of their commitment, diligence and devotion to learning a new language. We attentively listened to their stories, future aspirations and the precious moments they cherished throughout their time with us at Lexis Manly.

The dedication our students have shown in mastering a new language is truly inspiring, and we are proud of all their hard work. To our graduates, we extend our sincere best wishes. We have every confidence that each of you is destined for a future filled with brightness and success. Well done and we hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis Manly!

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Cemil & Sakura with their teachers, Nat & Geovane.

Cemil was at Lexis Manly for 26 weeks, and made awesome progress during his time here. Cemil started off in our Beginner class and is graduating today in our Intermediate class. Well done Cemil! He is going to stay in Sydney for a little while longer, as he plans on studying to be a barber at Tafe. We wish you the best for your future studies Cemil, best of luck!

Sakura truly embraced her time at Lexis Manly by participating in our awesome activities, with her favourite being our surf lesson. Sakura was with us at Lexis Manly for 24 weeks, starting off in Elementary and today graduating in Intermediate. Sakura was a popular student, making a lot of friends during her time here. Her new friends and teachers will miss her lots! Sakura travels back to her home country of Japan on Sunday. Good luck for your future plans Sakura and best wishes!

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Saori with her teacher Mick.

Saori was an absolute pleasure to have on campus, with her smiley face always lighting up the campus. Her teacher Mick said: “Saori is loved by everyone, she is very popular and also hardworking.” Saori will be staying in Australia for another year as she has enjoyed her time here so much. She will be staying in Sydney until April, and then will be moving to Queensland. We wish you all the best Saori, we will miss you!

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Rio with his teacher Michela.

Rio was only at Lexis Manly for 1 week, but he really enjoyed his time here. Rio in his personal life, is a professional baseball player. Super cool! He will now be going travelling to a few cities around Australia, and then will head back home to Japan. We hope you have enjoyed your time at Lexis Manly and best of luck for your professional career as a baseball player!

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Congratulations to Rio, Saori, & Sakura from Japan & Cemil from Turkey!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • Advanced – Caroline Da Silva Knob, Tutku Sahin
  • Upper Intermediate – Mirea Cabanes Clemente
  • Intermediate – Cemil Can Kocak, Sakura Sakane, Saori Tsuji, Soner Akin
  • Pre-Intermediate – Vinicius Wallace Novak
  • Elementary – Rio Inoue


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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