Sydney – Host spotlight: Insights on hosting for Lexis Manly

Our hosts are located on the Northern Beaches and regularly host international Lexis students. Find out about our host’s experiences and tips:

Hosting For Lexis

“I have really enjoyed hosting and found it to be a very positive experience.”

– Jill, hosting Lexis students since +5 years


Every week we have new students arriving in Manly with individual goals, what units them is the goal to improve their English and make memories for a lifetime. Our students are between 12 to 60+ years old and have traveled a long way to experience Sydney’s beaches and lifestyle.

Homestay is a great cultural experience for host and student. The duration varies from 1 week to over 6 month, every host has their own preferences and house rules. Staying with a host gives international students an authentic understanding of Australian family life, while hosts can discover different cultures. Homestay is more than a rented room, it can include dinners together, game nights or beach walks – it’s not a surprise that homestay is very popular among our students but what is it like to welcome students to live with you, what are challenges and what are the benefits?

We asked Jill, who has been hosting Lexis students for over 5 years, on her experience. Find out about her hosting history and useful tips if you consider hosting:

About my family and I

When I first started hosting I had a young family. Hosting overseas students gave both of my children great insight into how people from other countries live, their culture, traditions and language. It opened up an overseas world in my home which was a great experience for all of us.
My children are no longer living at home but I still really enjoy hosting. It brings young life into our house and it’s great to watch each student develop and find independence through living overseas and learning English.

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My homestay history

I have hosted for many years and have had many different nationalities in my home. It’s been an interesting journey ranging from high school children from Japan who have never travelled overseas and are visiting Australia for the first time, to mature aged students from Brazil and Switzerland who are looking to improve their English and want to experience life with an Australian family.

The beauty of cultural differences

My husband and I have never stopped learning from every student that enters our home. Each person is different and has something special and unique to offer. There are many cultural differences to be respected and it is always good to do a little research if possible to find out about the country that your student is coming from.


Challenges and opportunities

Many students can get quite homesick if they are travelling away from their homes for the first time. They often miss their families, boyfriends and friends. During their first few days I do ask that they talk to me if they have any problems and I also explain that it is difficult for me to help them if I don’t know what is wrong. Food can also sometimes be a problem and I always ask if there are particular foods that they don’t eat or enjoy at the beginning of their stay.

My top 3 tips for new Lexis homestay hosts

Have a list of house tips to help your student settle into your home. Simple things such as the internet password for when they arrive, how to download and use the Opal App for transport and if they require a Sim card for their mobile phone.
Initially speak slowly and clearly to your guest. It may take your student a few days to adjust to understanding English and many of them will be very tired when they first arrive.
Ask about their diet and if they have particular foods that they don’t like.

Overall experience

I have really enjoyed hosting and found it to be a very positive experience. I have had the pleasure of hosting sisters one year and brothers the next and have got to know many of the families.
My students often come back and visit me at a later date when they arrive back in Australia on holiday. I have also had the pleasure of meeting mums and dads, sisters and brothers and grand-parents. It’s been a very memorable journey.


Thank you to all our amazing hosts!


How to become a Lexis English homestay host

To be approved as a Lexis English homestay host, the college will arrange a time to inspect your property. Requirements are:

  • Each student must have a clean room of their own.
  • Preference is given to homes that are on a direct bus route to the college – no more than a 50 minute commute.
  • Hosts must provide breakfast and an evening meal Mon-Sun. On weekends – a packed lunch is required.
  • Hosts who provide accommodation to students under the age of 18 need a current Working With Children Permit. All adults living in the household must have this. Permits for Lexis Sydney can be applied for here.

Families or individuals who are interested in becoming a Lexis Sydney Homestay Host should complete this online form.
Alternatively, email [email protected] to arrange a call back.

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