Sydney – Celebrating our fantastic graduates – 12 January 2024

Congratulations to our awesome graduates at Lexis Manly!

Congratulations to Albrecht, Marianne, Adrian, Kousuke, Gokhan, Roman, & Christian!

Today, we honoured the exceptional efforts and commitment of 7 graduates at Lexis Manly. As we gathered to celebrate our graduates, we reflected on their incredible journey – a journey of growth, and academic excellence. Each student’s story is a testament to their dedication, hard work, and the unwavering support of our incredible teachers. We listened intently to their stories, their aspirations for the future, and the cherished moments they held dear during their time with us at Lexis Manly.

The dedication our students have shown in mastering a new language is truly inspiring, and we are proud of their hard work. To our graduates, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and we are confident that you all have bright futures ahead. Well done, and may your next chapter be filled with success and joy!

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Adrian & Kousuke with their teacher Geovane.

Adrian at only 16, made the big move from Switzerland to study English with us at Lexis Manly. He was with us for 6 weeks and even decided to extend his course while he was here as he loved his time at Lexis so much. He enjoyed participating in our activities, including his favourite which was our boxing class. He will be in Sydney for the next 2 weeks travelling with his family, and then will head back to Switzerland. Good luck for your future plans Adrian and best wishes!

Kousuke truly embraced his time at Lexis Manly by participating in a lot of our workshops and activities, with his favourite being our art & meditation sessions. Kousuke started off in our Beginner class and is now graduating in Intermediate, what amazing progress! He was a lovely student, and made a lot of friends while at Lexis Manly. He is now going to do some travelling around Australia, heading to Melbourne first and then to Cairns. We wish you a great time Kousuke and hope you make many more memories in Australia!

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Roman with his teacher Mick.

Roman is a returning student, he first studied at Lexis Manly in 2020 and decided to come back as he enjoyed it so much. This time around, Roman was here for 4 weeks and was in our Intermediate class. His teacher Mick says: “It has been a pleasure having Roman at Lexis Manly, he is polite, and hard-working.” Roman is now off on an amazing trip, where he will be travelling to Melbourne, Cairns, Perth and then Bali, sounds like an awesome trip! Best of luck for your future endeavours Roman!

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Marianne & Christian with their teacher Carolina.

Marianne & Christian are from our Premium Small Group Training (PSG) class, which is offered exclusively to students over thirty years of age, and is designed to provide a personalised and fast-paced classroom experience. Premium small-group classes have a maximum of five students, and are taught by our most experienced trainers.

Marianne was only at Lexis Manly for 2 weeks, but she truly embraced the experience. Her teacher Carolina said: “She is always willing to help other students, she explains things very well and really cares about her studies.” Marianne was an active participant and always attended workshops and activities to practice her English skills. She is now off on an amazing adventure where she will be travelling all over Australia for the next 3 months. She then will head back home to Switzerland where she works as a teacher. We wish you all the best Marianne!

Christian has a made a lot of progress in the 5 weeks he was here at Lexis Manly, starting off in Pre-Intermediate and now graduating with an Upper Intermediate level of English. What awesome progress! His teacher Carolina and his classmates will all miss him lots. He heads back to his home country of Switzerland tomorrow where he works as a director of an airplane factory, super cool! Best of luck for your future Christian!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • Upper Intermediate – Albrecht Haeussler, Christian Stadler, Marianne Ott, Ryutaro Yano
  • Intermediate – Mehmet Cansiz, Adrian Niklaus Joggi, Kousuke Usui, Roman Stettler
  • Pre-Intermediate – Gokhan Sayan


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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