Sydney – Congratulations to our amazing graduates – 27 October 2023

Today we are celebrating our amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

Sydney Graduates
You will be missed Nolwenn, Andrina, Shota, Florian and Rohat

With Halloween around the corner our student’s graduation and the annual Halloween party fell on the same day, making the last day at Lexis especially memorable and fun for our graduates. Today we said goodbye to 11 amazing students, who have worked hard over the past 4 – 26 weeks, while enjoying Manly and making new friends.

Every journey at Lexis Manly is different and the students have different goals, it is always great to look back on their time with us during graduation day and find out what the future plans are, before having to say goodbye to part of the Lexis Manly family.

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Shota with his teacher Agustina

Shota has made great progress over the past 12 weeks. He started off in a beginner class, due to his low English skills. He was too shy to speak and intimidated by the new language around him. Now, 3 month later, he tells us about his future plans and shares his thoughts on his time in Sydney without hesitation. His hard work has paid off and he is graduating from a pre-intermediate class today with amazing new English skills! We wish you all the best for your studies back in Japan!

Florian With His Teacher Mick
Florian with his teacher Mick

Florian is a great example of how to make the most of your time outside the classroom. He used most weekends to travel and explore NSW, while being an amazing student in class – not only because him and teacher Mick shared the same sense of humor. His social skills, quickly made him a popular student and he had plenty of friends who joined him on his adventures. Visiting Melbourne and the Blue Mountains just wasn’t enough for our curious Florian and he is planning to travel the entire east coast next. The car is hired, his intermediate class finished and the bags packed. We wish you a great time and hope you make many more memories in Australia!

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Nolwenn with her teacher Nat

Nolwenn transferred to us from our campus in Noosa and brought a great energy to our campus. She settled in quickly and always had a big smile on her face. Teacher Nat said, her positive attitude and drive to make the most of her time in Australia was a great addition to her class and we can only add that she will be missed around campus by many. Before returning to France, she is exploring the breathtaking islands around Australia and will spend time in Bali and New Caledonia for the next months. We wish you a great time and hope to see you again one day!

Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • IELTS preparation – Ivan Martinez Serrano, Andrina von Allmen, Cyril Oliver Accola
  • Upper-intermediate – Rohat Gunes
  • Intermediate – Ahmet Furkan Cetin, Florian Michael Zihlmann, Nizar Almehmadi
  • Pre-intermediate – Nolwenn Nicot, Shota Taneda, Priscila Da Silva Juliao, Santiago Ramirez Ochoa


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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