Sydney – Teacher spotlight: Get to know our Lexis Manly teachers

Introducing our popular teacher Sam! With a lot of heart and knowledge she helps our students achieve their goals!

Teacher Sam With Her Graduates

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Since over a year Sam has been teaching at Lexis Manly. Not only does she make sure every student reaches their individual goal, but also manages to form special bonds to her students and supporting them beyond the classroom. Sam is a bright personality around campus, her colourful outfits, love for cooking and fun attitude towards learning has filled the classrooms and afternoons with joy and unforgettable memories.

Originally born in Laos, Sam and her family fled from her home country when she was only 10 years old in search for a better life filled with opportunities for herself and her 3 younger siblings. The memories of steering the kanu, fishing to make it through the long journey shaped Sam and will be the start of a journey that makes her an amazing teacher. After finally making it to Thailand, where a new life awaited for the young family, they spend the next 3,5 years in a refugee camp near the shore where they arrived, finding shelter and help from friendly locals. Even after migrating to Australia, Thailand would always be a home to our lovely Sam – she taught us a lot about the culture, food and people during her time at Lexis.

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When Sam and her family started their new life in Australia, 14 year old Sam didn’t speak a word of English. To immense into society Sam and her family started learning English immediately, this drive and compassion she developed at a young age towards learning English is what makes Sam an outstanding teacher to our students today!
Being an English teacher herself now, Sam believes this is a great help to bond with the students – she is not just teaching a language, but also understands the struggles, hopes and frustration that can come with it. Helping not only her to relate to the students but also them to feel like their teacher is truly understanding what it takes to learn a new language.

We couldn’t be more grateful that Sam chose to enrich our campus with her knowledge, passion and person – thank you for being such an amazing teacher to our students!

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How did you get to teaching

I would have never imagined to become a teacher – it’s hard to believe but I would describe myself as an introvert, so I always pictured a career that has little to do with people. However I guess teaching was my destiny and I can’t see myself doing anything else now! Learning English was life changing for me, it wasn’t always easy but the pride you feel and opportunities that it opens up are something that I will always be grateful for. My passion is something I want to pass on to my students and help them to achieve their individual goals. After finishing her degree in Australia, she returned to Thailand to share her teaching skills with the locals, she made her first teaching experiences and later returned to Australia to start her teaching career here.

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Teaching at Lexis Manly

Over the past year I got to teach different levels, starting with an intermediate class in the afternoon, later moving to a pre-intermediate and upper intermediate class in the morning and for the past month’s our IELTS class, prepare our students for the international  IELTS exam. All levels have their own beauty and set of goals – teaching IELTS currently is an amazing experience, due to it being so goal driven and potentially having a great impact on the young adults careers or studies. Opening the world to them for international opportunities was an amazing motivation and I found myself passionate over each student and helping them reach their individual goals. Not to be forgotten, the location! Working in a classroom with ocean views, feeling the sea breeze on campus and having amazing events with our students on the large balconies amazes me every time. Whatsapp Image 2023 08 04 At 14.20.29 E1710386839335

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Your best memories at Lexis Manly

At Lexis Manly the overall mentality within the individual students and Lexis team is unique, from all schools I have taught at I have never seen anything similar. Everyone is enjoying what they are doing and always have the students best interest at heart. Every student I got to meet was eager to learn and their positive attitude made every teaching session fun and unique. Learning and teaching a language doesn’t have to be ordinary, here at Lexis I feel all classes are fun and engaging yet educational – throughout the day you always catch laughter carrying through the classrooms and excited exchanges between students of all nationalities and age groups. Lexis Manly feels like a large family, everyone is welcoming, the core values are respectful, fun and driven which I appreciate every day.

When thinking about memorable students, I have to say I hold beautiful memories of amazing people, good laughs, impressive language progresses and smart questions and discussions in the classrooms.
Everyone is memorable to me and taught me something unique. On of my students, Victoria from Brazil – or how we called her Dr. Victoria, was in my IELTS class for 14 weeks. She came with a lot of pressure on her shoulders as she had to score a certain result in the IELTS test to pursue her desired career in medicine. Which she did!
The entire class came together to celebrate her achievement and until this day I remember how proud I was of this student, purely in awe that this hard work has paid off to fulfill her dream. I also had a 17-year old student from Colombia, who had to score 7.5 for her media studies. She was mature beyond her years but during her time here she grew so much on a personal level and of course educational. Needless to say, she scored 7.5 and started her studies soon after she left Lexis Manly.

Until this day, I am still in touch with a lot of students. It’s amazing to see what they are up to now and what opportunities their time at Lexis Manly has opened up for them or simply the memories they carry with them until this day.
It makes me proud to be part of their journey!
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Sam’s classrooms and beyond

To celebrate her classes hard work, Sam would regularly put on big feasts for her students after class – cooking traditional Thai meals and checking in on everyone. The large BBQ on our balcony is Sam’s favourite work place, apart from the classrooms. Sam’s warm and understanding nature make her an amazing addition to the Lexis Manly team and an unforgettable teacher for our students.

Thank you for for always made sure everyone receives the support they need and make time to have fun together next to the hard work everyone puts into their studies.

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Thank you for your amazing support Sam!


How to become a Lexis English homestay host

To be approved as a Lexis English homestay host, the college will arrange a time to inspect your property. Requirements are:

  • Each student must have a clean room of their own.
  • Preference is given to homes that are on a direct bus route to the college – no more than a 50 minute commute.
  • Hosts must provide breakfast and an evening meal Mon-Sun. On weekends – a packed lunch is required.
  • Hosts who provide accommodation to students under the age of 18 need a current Working With Children Permit. All adults living in the household must have this. Permits for Lexis Sydney can be applied for here.

Families or individuals who are interested in becoming a Lexis Sydney Homestay Host should complete this online form.
Alternatively, email [email protected] to arrange a call back.

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