Sydney – Private surf lesson at Manly beach – 26 October 2023

Our students jumped in the local waves and enjoyed a surf lesson today!

Surf Lesson At Manly Beach
Nami, Shintaro, Loic, Charline, Timeo, Genki, Simon, Cassy, Elia, Sarah and Sakura at their very first surf lesson!

Lexis Manly is located right on the beach, perfect to soak up the surf lifestyle, watch whales, go for a swim or simply enjoy the stunning view. But today our curious students decided it was time to jump in the waves and join a surf lesson. With the surf just across the street and the matching lifestyle all around it is only a matter of time until the students want to be part of it and learn a new skill.

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We organised a private surf lesson at the local surf school and 11 of our students took the chance, put their wetsuits on, learned about the sea and finally gave surfing a go. Manly is know as the birthplace of surfing in Australia due to hosting the worlds first ever Surfing contest in 1964. To this day the 2 kilometers long beach, framed by magnificent pines and surrounded by cafes and restaurant remains iconic. What better location for a very first surf lesson!

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After weeks of sunshine, today was a rather grey and rainy day in Manly but nothing could stop our determined students to join the surf lesson that they looked forward to all week. Timeo, Charline, Loic, Elia, Sakura, Cassy, Genki, Sarah, Shintaro, Nami and Simon did amazing out in the surf and the memory of standing up on your first wave will always be part of the memories they made in Australia – some might have even found a new passion and will keep practicing, who knows, we might see them in a surf competition on Manly beach one day.

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Joining Lexis Manly is not only about learning or improving English, it is about embracing the lifestyle, making memories, discover a different way of living and being part of an amazing community of like-minded. We are happy to see that our students make the most of their time in Sydney and get a feel for the true life on the Northern beaches.
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To blend in with the locals, keep the surf etiquette in mind:
1. Respect of way
The surfer who is closest to the peak, the part where the wave breaks, has the right of wave. Your turn will come!

2. Don’t drop in
Don’t get in the way of a surfer who is up on their board. Observe the right of way and keep a safe distance.

3. Respect the locals
The Northern beaches have a strong culture around their locals. Be respectful at all times and keep the group limited.

4. Look after each other
Surfing can be dangerous, keep an eye out for fellow surfers who need help.

5. Share waves
Even if you have the chance, don’t hog the waves and make room for the other surfers. Everyone deserves a go!

6. Respect the beaches
What units everyone is the love for the golden beaches and ocean. Don’t leave any trash behind or vandalize the beaches in any way. This amazing nature needs to be looked after and treated with respect.


Thank you to everyone who joined this amazing surf lesson today!


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