Sydney – Aussie slang battle – 18 May 2023

Our students tested their knowledge in a fun Aussie Slang Trivia!

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Our students are taught how to speak and write ‘proper’ English during their classes – however living in an English speaking country they will be confronted with many slang terms throughout their stay. Aussies love shortening words, their slang is famous for its many abbreviations and unique sayings.

The main groups of Aussie slang are abbreviations ending in -ie or -o, as well as original Aussie phrases. In celebration of the Aussie slang, fast food chain McDonalds even temporally changed their signs to the commonly used Aussie nickname: Maccas.

Take a look at some useful examples:

Table 1

In the fun trivia session the students tested their knowledge and learned new terms that will help them to connect with locals. Everyone had a great time filled with laughter exploring the Aussie slang. Test yourself with a few of our Trivia questions:

Which idiom is not used to describe someone pregnant?
a) to have a bun in the oven
b) to be up the duff
c) to have a joey in the pouch

A tinnie is
a) a can of beer
b) an old car
c) a very short person

A slang word for sausage is
a) sanga
b) sauso
c) snag

What is the slang abbreviation for afternoon?

Congratulations to the amazing winners of the Trivia: Takumi, Lilou, Yeal and Mariah.
You have become true Aussies during your time in Sydney. Well done!

To everyone who doesn’t have a bun in the oven/is up the duff, enjoy your arvo with a tinnie and snag and take a look at the fun session:

Winner Of The Aussie Slang Traivia
Trivia winners: Takumi, Lilou, Yael, Mariah

Aussie Slang Trivia
Our teachers Nicola and Steve teaching our students Aussie slang



Thank you to everyone who joined the Lexis Manly Trivia!


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