Sydney – A warm welcome to 29 new students – 18 March 2024

We are excited to welcome our new students from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Turkiye!

New Students
Welcome to Manly, Naoki, Anna, Hikari, Kokona, Larissa, Valentina, Berat, Daniel, Taiara, Riko, Juan, Vivienne, Laura, Kevin, Alejandra, Seyeon, Aoi, Itsuki, Eitaro, Reika, Ema, Kota, Nanami, Mana, Eva, Suichi, Yara, Diana and Vincenzo!

Today was a huge orientation day at Lexis Manly, with 29 new students from 10 different countries.
Each face holds a unique story, a different cultural background, and a shared eagerness to embark on an enriching linguistic adventure and we can’t wait to support everyone on their individual journey.

Our group of new students today had different goals for their time with us, while a few of today’s starters are preparing for the Cambridge exam, other are here to simple improve their English skills and while everyone is incredibly brave to go on this adventure by themselves, we were especially amazed with our TAP students who also started today, they are only 14-17 years old and despite being brave were also all very curious and excited to finally get started today!

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Ema, Itsuki, Nanami, Reika, Eitaro, Mana, Kota, and Aoi are excited to join the TAP program!

We look forward to the incredible contributions each of you will make to our campus over the next 4-25 weeks. The addition of these new students enhances the diversity of our school, fostering an engaging environment for learning and cultivating international friendships. Wishing you a wonderful time at Lexis Manly!

Our new General English and TAP students will join the following classes:

  • Advanced: Anna Lyszkiewicz
  • Intermediate: Naoki Koresawa, Juan Ignancio Rivas, Laura Casadevall I Montes, Seyeon Na, Eitaro Komoto, Reika Kogane, Ema Baba, Kota Yamazawa, Vincenzo Vurchio
  • Pre-Intermediate: Kokona Kota, Daniel Fernandez Herrero, Mana Matsuura, Eva Mate Iglesias, Shuichi Harada
  • Elementary: Hikari Furusawa, Larissa Geiser, Berat Ozsan, Taiara Paim De Almeida, Rikp Ishikawa, Aoi Yoshioka, Itsuki Hirata, Nanami Ito
  • Starter: Alejandra Gisel Piris

Our Cambridge preparation courses will be joined by:

  • FCE: Valentina Mercado Aylwin, Vivienne Hammer
  • CAE: Kevin Peter Gruner, Yara Marilena Leutwyler, Ambra Diana

Best wishes!


Student resources

This guide answers students’ top 7 questions about life in Australia. It covers:

  1. How to apply for an Australian Tax File Number
  2. Where to find accommodation
  3. How to open a bank account
  4. Where to look for work
  5. How to get around Sydney
  6. What to do if personal items are lost on public transport.

Free workshops & fun at Lexis Manly:

Free workshops are available to enrolled students every day. The workshops are teacher led and are packed with practical tips and guidance in the following subject areas:

  1. Conversation & Pronunciation Workshop
  2. Study Help
  3. Job Workshop
  4. Accommodation Workshop

The workshop schedule changes every week and is updated on Mondays. Look for these posters around campus and scan the QR code:

Sydney Whatson Poster 1

Fun at Lexis:

Every week, we have fun and unique activities activities for our students to enjoy. These can include surfing, yoga, meditation, arts & crafts, painting and many more. Every Friday, we have beach sports or another activity at lunch time. All enrolled students are encouraged to join – gather in the Student Lounge on Level 2, at 1:15pm.

Students can also join large and small group tours through our travel agent. Scan the QR code in the back of your Student Handbook and on posters in the Student Lounge.

To find out what’s on in Sydney each week, visit the Lexis Sydney blog, as well as websites like City of Sydney and Manly Events.

Stay safe at the beach:

Before you head to the beach, please watch a beach safety video in your home language. You can download a Beach Safe App here.

Not yet a student at Lexis Manly and want to know more?

Lexis Manly delivers academic excellence in General English, IELTS Preparation, Cambridge FCE and CAE. Download the 2024 Lexis English Brochure here or get in touch to enquire.

Lexis Training delivers professional training in Business, Marketing & Communication, Leadership & Management, Project Management, Beauty and English Language Teacher Training. Upper Intermediate English skills are a requirement. Enquire online.

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