Scarborough Beach – Do you have questions about Cambridge English? – 29 August

Do you have questions about the Cambridge English courses we offer at Lexis Perth Scarborough Beach?Confused Woman

Our CAE teacher, Kate, is here to help.

What’s the difference between a Cambridge English class such as First Certificate (FCE) and a General English class? 

  • The Cambridge courses run 4 times a year with gaps in between. General English classes are continuous.
  • Cambridge exam classes usually run for 11 or 12 weeks; General English classes run for 10 weeks.
  • The Cambridge classes are closed, which means that the same group of students stay together for the whole course. In General English, new students can join a class at any time.
  • There is an entry test on day one of the Cambridge courses. Students need to score well on this test to be accepted on the course.
  • There is a heavier workload in a Cambridge course, with more work in class and for homework.
  • Cambridge classes are very goal-focused as students are preparing for an examination. The exams are always scheduled at the end of the course, so students are working to a deadline.
  • Cambridge classes have their own academic workshops twice a week.
  • Cambridge classes do not have progress tests every Monday. Instead, we test students on day one, in the middle of the course, and in the final week.  These ‘mock’ tests use test papers from previous Cambridge exams.
  • Students who take the examination received a certificate from Cambridge English. This is internationally recognised. General English students graduate with a Lexis English certificate.

Does it cost more to do a Cambridge English course?

If you are enrolled for General English at Lexis and wish to change to Cambridge, there is a small book fee to cover books and printed materials for the course.

Can we take holidays during a Cambridge English course?

It is not recommended to take a holiday during the course. You also need to have good attendance to keep up.

Do we have to take the exam at the end of the course?

No.  You can choose whether to sit the exam.  The Cambridge English examination fee is currently $415.

You will have several weeks at the beginning of the course to decide whether you want to do the exam.  After the mid-course mock exams, your teacher will discuss your progress with you and give you advice regarding your studies and the exam.

What is tested in the exam?

The Cambridge exams test all the skills – Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking – and the higher levels (FCE, CAE and CPE) have a separate ‘Use of English’ grammar test.  The exam certificate gives you an overall score and individual scores for each skill.

If you want to find out more about the Cambridge exams, go to:

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Here is a group of CAE students taking a break at a local Scarborough café.

Cambridge Cae Celebration Cafe

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