Sydney – Celebrating our hard working graduates – 20 October 2023

Kudos to our 10 amazing graduates and course finishers at Lexis Manly.

The Lexis Manly family celebrating our graduates

Today we celebrated the hard work of our 10 graduates, everyone has made great progress and formed friendships that might last a lifetime. Everyone gathered on the beach front to enjoy a last day filled with fun and laughter. We are proud of everyone and are excited to hear about all the great memories our students have made during there time with Lexis Manly.

It was the perfect summer day to celebrate the hard work and make a last great memory with everyone.
We know bright futures are waiting for all of our graduates!

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Elena, Iza, Mizuki and Chihiro graduating from their upper intermediate class with teacher Mac

Mizuki and Chihiro have made great progress, not only in their English skills but also in their confidence – both girls have started off very shy. They felt insecure to speak English and are shy by nature – however after only a couple of weeks, the girls changed their entire approach. They started talking to the other students, not hesitating to use their English skills and started enjoying themselves. Now when we look back to their beginnings, we barely recognize these girls – they have formed many friendships, are confident and approach new students without hesitance. We are very proud of you two and wish you all the best for the future!

Elena is only 17 years old and decided to fly to Australia all by herself and made the most of her time, by joining Lexis Byron Bay as well as the Manly campus. She enjoyed the surf lifestyle, making friends and soaking up the sun – she is already planning to return to Australia as soon as possible. But first, she will have to complete her high school back in Switzerland, we wish you all the best for your studies and hope to see you again soon!

Iza had a special reason to join the Lexis Manly family – her daughter lives in Australia, so she wanted to improve her English in 6 weeks with us. Iza was a ray of sunshine around campus, making sure to make the most of her time. She chatted with all students, teachers and even stuff to practice her speaking and meet different people. She will surely be missed, but we are pleased to hear that she will return to Sydney in 2025 and hopefully gets a chance to come visit us. Thank you spreading your joy for life around our campus!

Photo 2023 10 20 13 25 05 2 1 E1698034557327
Mireya with her IELTS teacher Sam

After 24 weeks we have to say goodbye to Mireya. Luckily it is only a short goodbye, since she will join our VET course for the upcoming year. He progress was amazing to watch, she had worked hard to achieve her goals and made it all the way from pre-intermediate to our IELTS class and now even to a VET course. Within 6 month you have the chance to get to know the student well, their goals and dreams, which makes us feel especially proud of this student. Your hard work paid off, Mireya!


Our congratulations go to:

General English graduates

  • IELTS preparation – Mireya Carla Acebey Hinojosa
  • Upper-Intermediate – Ali kemal Kuzucu, Izaurina Maria Teixeira Sa, Chihiro Sato, Mizuki Kono
  • Intermediate – Pedro Henrique Surita de Oliveira
  • Pre-Intermediate – Cihat Onuk
  • Elementary – Ana Gabriela Bezerra Espindola, Luciano Exequiel Gutierrez Sanchez, Celina Reinoso


All the best to our graduates from Lexis Manly!


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