Lexis Brisbane – Cambridge Exam Preparation Course – 15 July 2022

At Lexis Brisbane, we have a hard working group of students part-taking in our Cambridge exam preparation course. This class is taught by Alison and focuses on preparing students for success in the Cambridge exams. A lot of students don’t know about the Cambridge exams or our Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) course so I sat down with Alison to ask some common questions.

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So Alison, what is the Cambridge exam? 

The Cambridge exam is an internationally recognised exam. The exam is sat in 3 different levels and covers reading, use of English, writing, listening and speaking.

Wow, it sounds like it covers a lot of areas. What are the benefits of doing the Cambridge exam?

The certificate you receive when you pass the exam will demonstrate that you can use English professionally and academically. This makes it beneficial for applying for both jobs and universities. Additionally, it does not expire so you don’t have to continue sitting the Cambridge exam to keep your qualification.

Alison Writing On The Board

The Cambridge exam may be beneficial to a lot of different students. How is the Lexis CAE course different to the General English course?

The CAE course is a closed course which means that new students can’t enter the class after the first week. In terms of content, it is more academic and much more serious than General English classes. We still try to have some fun though! Because the CAE course is more intensive, you will improve quickly and learn A LOT.

The CAE course sounds really different to the General English course. What do you cover in your class?

In the CAE class we do intensive study of grammar and vocabulary. We also do regular practice tests and exam-focused activities to make sure everyone is prepared.

Alison Assisting Students In The Classroom

It seems like students in the CAE course will need to be ready to study hard. What are your study tips for CAE students?

If you are taking the CAE course, you need to be prepared to focus and to do your homework every day. You will also need to do a lot of reading to keep up with the course work. Finally, ask lots of questions! Your teacher is here to help you.

The Cae Class Sitting Around Their Desk

If you are interested in joining Alison’s Lexis Cambridge experience, click here to find out more information.

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