Byron Bay- Welcome New Students!- 4 March 2024

We are thrilled to welcome 16 new students from Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Uruguay, Brazil, France, Italy, and Spain!

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Cora joins us from France! She loves Pilates, running and meeting new people. She has been an Au Pair in Melbourne for 8 months and decided to come to Byron Bay to improve her English skills. Improving her English skills will help Cora find a job in her dream Marketing role. Welcome Cora!

Naomi joins us from the French speaking part of Switzerland! She loves to paint, listen to music, and occasionally go climbing. She is taking a gap year to travel before she returns home and begins university. She is excited to learn English to allow her to communicate with everybody and improve her future career prospects. Welcome Naomi!

Laura also joins us from the French speaking part of Switzerland! She loves to read, dance and surf. She came to study in Byron Bay to have fun, meet new people, and learn a new culture. As well as this, she wants to focus on improving her surfing skills. She wants to improve her English skills for future job opportunities and to connect with many different nationalities. Welcome Laura!

Nicolas joins us from the German speaking part of Switzerland! He loves to spend time with his girlfriend, play football and have a drink with his friends at the pub. He has always wanted to visit Australia because of the unique landscapes, culture, and animals, he is hoping to make lots of new friends and some amazing memories. Welcome Nicolas!

Andreas also joins us from the German-Speaking part of Switzerland! He loves anything to do with the arts including painting and music. He also plays in a soccer team which he is passionate about. He has come to take a break before he studies architecture, to refine his English skills, meet some new people and have some new experiences. Welcome Andreas!

Jessica also joins us from the German speaking part of Switzerland! She loves to cook, dance and most of all loves to travel. She is hoping to learn how to surf in Byron Bay whilst she is here. she wants to learn English so she can speak more fluently for her work. Her plans include travelling and studying in university. Welcome Jessica!

Anouschka also joins us from the German speaking part of Switzerland! She loves to spend time with her friends, play sport and cook! She works a s a nurse back home but has taken a break to spend some time in warm and sunny Australia. She wants to immers3e herself in a new culture and meet lots of new people. Welcome Anouschka!

Rafa joins us from Spain! He loves playing football, which he did for 8 years. He is now learning how to surf and is loving it. He has come to improve his English whilst he works in Byron Bay. Rafa would like to eventually travel the world with a family, so learning English and meeting new people is a great way to do that. Welcome Rafa!

Aida also joins us from Spain! She loves to spend time with her friends and reading books. She has come to study English in Australia because it is very essential for her work. She would like to move into a higher position at her job back home. On top of this, she is excited to meet new people and make plenty of new friends. Welcome Aida!

Julieta joins us from Uruguay! She loves to surf, swim, dance and go hiking. She has been in Australia for 1 year but wants to further improve her English skills to benefit her future career prospects and potentially continue her studies in England. She loves Australia because of the nature, the people, and the culture. Welcome Julieta!

Sakura joins us from Japan! She loves to take care of pets, cooking and swimming. She is so excited to swim in the ocean at Byron Bay, and to see some Australian animals. She has come to improve her English skills and learn about a new culture that she hasn’t experienced before. Sakura is hoping to also travel to Melbourne and Sydney. Welcome Sakura!

Sana also joins us from Japan!  Her hobbies include practicing yoga and dancing. Whilst she is in Australia, she would also like to try surfing. She has come to study English because she wants to have the ability to connect with foreign people and get a job that requires English speaking in the future. Welcome Sana!

Chaemin joins us from South Korea! She is currently taking a break from her visual design studies to improve her English. her future career requires a lot of English language, so Chaemin has come to further refine her skills. After her studies, she is hoping to eventually work with a foreign designer. Welcome Chaemin!

Sebin also joins us from South Korea! She loves studying music and film, she also likes running and wants to try the lighthouse walk. She wants to study English so she can make new friends from foreign countries. After her studies, she would like to attain her barista certificate and work in a café. Welcome Sebin!

Giuliana joins us from Italy! She loves to take pictures, hike, listen to music and occasionally play the piano. She recently finished up at her job of 28 years and is now taking some time to travel and study English. Her main goal is to be able to communicate with many people as she travels around the world. Welcome Giuliana!

Sarah joins us from Brazil! She is taking a break from her job as a doctor to travel and study English. She believes it is a very important language to know. After her studies she would like to potentially travel around Asia. She is excited to learn about a new culture, meet new people and create some wonderful memories. Welcome Sarah!


Not studying with us yet, but would like to?

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