Byron Bay- Welcome New Students!-15 January 2024

We are thrilled to welcome 14 new starters from Brazil, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland!

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Manuela joins us from Brazil. She has come to learn English and stay with her family who lives here! She is excited for all of her English skills to improve and to try many of the activities that we have to offer in January. Welcome Manuela!

Lucas also joins us from Brazil. He loves the beach, watching the sunrise and sunshine in general. He loves soccer and coaches as well. He has come to study English in byron Bay to improve his future career opportunities. Welcome Lucas!

Eliott joins us from Belgium. He loves anything to do with cinema and film, as well as cars. He chose to study English in Australia because in his opinion it is the best place to learn English. After his studies, he plans to travel along the east coast. Welcome Eliott!

Flavie also joins us from Belgium. Flavie loves music, surfing, and dancing. While she is here, she would also like to try boxing. Flavie chose to study in Australia because it is amazing- she has been here for one day and already loves it. Welcome Flavie!

Lara joins us from Switzerland. She loves playing guitar, knitting, and snowboarding. She has wanted to come to Australia because lots of people speak very highly of it. Lara is excited to meet nice people and experience the lovely weather. Welcome Lara!

Jasmin also joins us from Switzerland. Jasmine loves to practice gymnastics and play the saxophone. She even began teaching gymnastics to younger members of her club. She has come to study English in Byron Bay to improve her possibility to work abroad sometime in the future. Welcome Jasmin!

Luisa also joins us from Switzerland. At home, she works as a landscape gardener. But she decided that she wants a break to study English in Australia. After her studies she is hoping to travel around Australia and then New Zealand. Welcome Luisa!

Tatjana also joins us from Switzerland.  She loves to dance, particularly hip-hop. At the moment she is training to become a dental assistant but decided to have a gap year in Australia. She begun her trip in Cairns and has made her way down to Byron Bay to study English. Welcome Tatjana!

Alanis also joins us from Switzerland. She loves playing sports and riding horses. It has always been her dream to travel Australia. She is hoping to become fluent in English and extend her stay for one or two more years. Welcome Alanis!

Celine also joins us from Switzerland. She loves to read, watch movies, and spend time with her family. She is a director in Swiss television but has taken a break to study and travel. She has come to Bryon Bay to improve her English and communication for her work.

Francisco joins us from Spain. Francisco loves anything to do with sport, particularly running and diving. Francisco has come to study is Australia to take a break from his stressful work in Spain. His goal is to eventually work for a sports brand. Welcome Francisco!

Ami joins us from Japan. She loves to watch movies, practice yoga, and walk in nature. Ami has come to studying English in Australia because she would like to become a yoga teacher and develop her communication skills. Welcome Ami!

Marcia joins us from Germany. She loves to bake, read, and practice Pilates. She has come to study in Australia to improve her language skills, specifically top speak more fluently when representing business content. Welcome Marcia!

Giulia joins us from Italy. She loves anything to do with film and cinema. She also loves sports, particularly boxing. She chose to study English in Australia to learn about a new culture and live by the sea. Her overall goal is to one day become a pilot. Welcome Giulia!

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