Byron Bay – The Rock and Roll Journey of Juju and Alexis – 9 March 2023

This blog is co-authored by our incredible student Alexis and our amazing recent graduate Juju. Alexis and Juju met at Lexis 8-weeks ago and their friendship quickly blossomed. Alexis started at Intermediate level and next week will join our Advanced class! Juju graduated last week from our Pre-Intermediate class. When Juju started, it was difficult for him to communicate, but now he has a great ability to use English in conversations, and he understands jokes and double meanings. Enjoy their wild Rock and Roll Journey!

We probably met over a beer at school. We realised we had the same interest in partying and rock’n’roll.


The Rock And Roll Journey Of Juju And Alexis
Alexis (left) and Juju (right)


Different nights at Secret Garden and Woodys made our friendship stronger.


Image 03


After many dinner parties, without dinner, we decided to go together to the Gold Coast for a concert with the best taxi driver named Dominic.


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with Dominic the taxi driver


We will be eternally grateful to you, thank you Dominic.


After this wonderful trip, we met Luigi in the tram. Luigi was an ex-painter and he gave us a wonderful painting lesson and a beautiful lesson of life, thank you Luigi.


We arrived at our first accommodation, the little house on the prairie where we can see Justin in the kitchen. Alexis met the neighbours and shared an aperitif with them.


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the little house on the prairie
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an aperitif with the Neighbours!


Since we didn’t have a sofa, we went to the city center to get one.


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Lucky us, we found a seat. To our surprise, after 4 hours of trying to get one, the local chiefs arrived, trying to steal our drink but we would never give in to barbarism. After all, they were only between 12 and 14 years old.


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It was time for us to refocus on our goal, our rock and roll concert. Goodbye juvenile delinquency, hello Vinnie Dive Bar. The concert was cancelled due to an unfit guitarist, so we consoled ourselves with a toast to his health!


On the way back to school, we were the victims of many earthquakes, especially Alexis.


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Lucky to have been spared by this earthquake, a diversion to the casino was essential!


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Suddenly tiredness got the better of us and we decided to go to our accommodation.


With our hearts still vibrating for rock’n’roll and the bitter taste of a cancelled concert, we decided to change our accommodation and go sleep under a bridge like the legend of the 27 club, Kurt Cobain.


Image 01 Scaled



What a wonderful wake up call, the sun rising over our saltwater pool, a little juice to keep our gladiatorial bodies going and it was time to hit the road.


Image 09 Scaled Image 08 Scaled

Image 02 Scaled


Our good friend, Zsolt and his lush golf was ready for take-off. Heading for the Sunshine Coast.


Image 04 Scaled
Good friend Zsolt


Thank goodness for that glass of water, we almost missed the taste, what a sweet awakening!


Image 05 Scaled


After this weekend of urban camping, we decided to get rid of our alternative lifestyle and go vegan. Alexis didn’t understand the vegan concept, so he went to this private church armed with his alligator boots.


Image 06 Scaled
outside the Seventh-day Vegan Church


It’s time for us to discover new horizons, what will be our next destination? Let’s take some altitude to see more clearly.


Image 07 Scaled


Decision made at 15K feet we will meet in Melbourne after a 3 week break for some crazy adventures.


The end and don’t forget to rock’n’roll!


Img 20230304 Wa0011 01




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