Byron Bay – Painting Vases with Dominic – 7 September 2022



Yesterday students expressed their artistic side in our craft activity Painting Vases with our Student Services Coordinator Dominic.




Painting Vases With Dominic
Students showcasing their painted vases



It was a beautiful day in Byron Bay so Dominic and our enthusiastic students assembled around a table outside on the grass under the shade of a tree.



Painting Vases With Dominic
It was a beautiful day for painting outside



Painting on glass was new to all participating students. The students had previous experience painting on more conventional surfaces like wood or canvas but not glass.



Painting Vases With Dominic
Everyone has their own unique creative processes



Dominic explained to students the subtle but important differences when it comes to painting on glass. Essentially, you need to prime your glassware, use the right paint, let the finished product dry and finally seal or cure the painted glass if you want it to last and be dishwasher safe.



Painting Vases With Dominic
The evolution of an idea into art



The students were provided with primary colour paints (red, blue and yellow) and white and black paint. Everyone was already familiar with the colour wheel and how to create new colours from primary colours. Additionally, there was a variety of brushes (soft and hard, fine and thick), cotton buds, a sponge and some glitter for students to use at liberty.



Painting Vases With Dominic
Sara and her blue vase



The students were shown examples of beautiful professionally painted vases for inspiration.



Painting Vases With Dominic
Jia’s abstract vase



As the students painted they discussed their techniques, art inspiration, future personal and professional plans and one student had just seen an astrologer in Byron Bay which sparked conversations about star signs, birthdays and other celebrations.



Painting Vases With Dominic
Fuka and her floral vase



Upon completion of the vase art, the students transported their vase to a classroom to dry for 24-48 hours.



Painting Vases With Dominic
Finished vases with freshly picked local flowers



The students are excited to collect their dry painted vases and fill them with local flowers.





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