Byron Bay – A warm welcome to our new students – 31 July 2023

Today we are thrilled to welcome 5 new General English students from Taiwan, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan and Spain. Plus 20 new junior students from the Hiroshima prefecture! 

Introducing our new General English students Ivan, Francine, Patricia, Yuna and Borja.


A Warm Welcome To Our New Students A Warm Welcome To Our New Students


Ivan joins us from Taiwan. Ivan is concentrating on improving his speaking and listening skills at Lexis so that he can intermingle with confidence. He has family living in Byron Bay and wants to stay in Australia long-term.


Francine joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Francine has the goal of expanding her vocabulary at Lexis so that she can speak more eloquently. She chose to study in Australia because Aussies are friendly, and the nature is uniquely beautiful.


Patricia joins us from Brazil. Patricia followed her heart and took a break from her career to travel. After completing her studies at Lexis, she will travel to India to study Yoga! She is confident in her decision and knows it will be the best experience of her life.


Yuna joins us from Japan. Yuna decided to study in Byron Bay to be close to world-class beaches. Yuna loves to surf and heard that Byron Bay is a surfer’s heaven with lots of great beaches to choose from.


Borja joins us from Spain. Borja is determined to improve his English level so that he can get a job abroad, maybe in Australia! He loves sports like skydiving, scuba diving, climbing and wants to start surfing in Byron Bay.


A warm welcome to our new junior students Akane, Akari, Akataka, Amane, Kasumi, Maika, Masamune, Michiru, Mizuki, Remi, Sawa, Sayu, Shiori, Sumire, Taichi, Taisei, Toya, Yuki, Yuki and Yuna.


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