Byron Bay – A warm welcome to our new students – 25 September 2023

We are thrilled to welcome 11 new students from Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Chile and Japan! 


A Warm Welcome To Our New Students A Warm Welcome To Our New Students A Warm Welcome To Our New Students


Marti joins us from Spain. Marti’s goal in Australia is to improve his English, explore the country and work as a bartender serving up cocktails. His friend recommended that he live in Byron Bay. Marti is also looking forward to surfing!


Elise joins us from Belgium. Recently, Elise discovered her passion for surfing. She started surfing 5-years ago in Sri Lanka but it wasn’t until last year in the Canary Islands she became passionate. While in Byron she wants to study, relax, surf and take care of herself.


Liana also joins us from Belgium. Liana has been living in Australia for 6-months and was working in Sydney as a French teacher for kids before coming to Byron Bay. She wants to speak with everyone to improve her English and wants to learn and use Aussie slang in everyday conversations.


Antonie joins us from the French part of Switzerland. Antonie will be studying with us for 12-weeks and then travel Australia. Antonie’s main hobby is Judo! After his time in Australia, he will travel to China to train in Judo in a monastery.


Dino also joins us from the French part of Switzerland. Dino wanted to study English in Byron Bay to be surrounded by beautiful nature. After graduating, he will move to Perth and attend acting school! Acting is his passion and he would like to train in London or Paris in the future.


Leonie joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Leonie was travelling in Indonesia with a friend before coming to Australia. She is looking forward to developing a daily routine in Byron Bay. She will continue travelling after graduation to New Zealand.


Ronja also joins us from the German part of Switzerland. Ronja wanted to come to Byron Bay because of the vibe and surfing. She heard Byron Bay is a surfer’s paradise, and the people are really chill and cool. After Byron Bay, Ronja will travel to New Zealand to visit a friend.


Carlos joins us from Chile. Carlos really likes surfing! He has come to Australia to learn English, to enjoy the beautiful country and catch some awesome waves. In the future, he wants to study something related to the ocean or animals.


Karen also joins us from Chile. For a long time, Karen has wanted to experience Australia and study English here. Karen is excited to work in Byron Bay, she is a bit nervous but optimistic about the process. After graduation, she has a job waiting for her in New Zealand.


Momoka joins us from Japan. Momoka is interested in foreign cultures and foreigners’ perceptions of the world. She loves nature and the beach, and Australia has both in abundance. She also has some friends living in Australia she wants to reconnect with.


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