Byron Bay- Meet our wonderful FCE class!- 4 January 2024

Meet our new FCE class for January – March 2024!

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Ploy (interviewed by Sophie)

Let me introduce Ploy to you. She is a 24 year old girl from Thailand and she lives in the capital – Bangkok – but not where the skyscrapers are, more in the countryside. Around her house, there are lots of farmers who grow rice.

In her leisure time, she likes to spend her time with her friends and family. Another activity she likes is going around the suburb and taking a train or bus to other parts of this big city. If she finds a new café or restaurant, she enjoys trying new dishes or drinks.

In the next 11 weeks, her goal is to spend more time with her family and friends, while also saving enough money to travel around Australia. And, of course, the last but most important goal is to improve her English skills.


Sophie (interviewed by Ploy)

Sophie comes from Lenzburg, Switzerland, which has a very ‘small-town’ feel just like Byron Bay. She loves her town because, while Switzerland is generally a cold country, Lenzburg is a bit warmer. When she has free time, she likes to go jogging, running, swimming in the lake and going to the gym.

In the next 11 weeks, Sophie would like to finish school and, after this, improve her surfing skills – something difficult to do in landlocked Switzerland! Finally, she’d like to travel around Australia for a month. I hope she enjoys everything in Australia and has a lot of great experiences.


Tony (interviewed by Ben)

Today I met Tony from Spain, who lives in Zaragosa City. It’s a good place to live with a very nice location in the country. There are many mountains nearby with some ski centres, and good night life for tourists.

In his leisure time, Tony loves to chill, cook and spend time with his girlfriend. In the coming months, Tony has different goals to achieve, like improving his English, learning new cooking skills and going on some excursions with his girlfriend.


Ben (interviewed by Tony)

Today I met Ben, who told me he lives in Pucon, a small town in Chile with about 20,000 people. It’s a very beautiful place with mountains, a large lake and a volcano just 20 minutes  away by car. In the winter, it gets very cold and Ben does sports like snowboarding and skiing, while in the summer it’s ideal for using his mountain bike and exploring the volcano.

Over the next 11 weeks, Ben wants to improve his English, his musical abilities, and create good moments and memories in Byron.


Isabel (interviewed by Jasmin)

Today, I met Isabel who told me that she lives in a German city on the border with Switzerland but spends most of her time in Switzerland. In her leisure time, Isabel likes to go surfing, shopping, hiking and doing yoga.

On her ‘To Do’ list for her stay in Byron are to see koalas, have fun and pass the FCE exam.



Jasmin (interviewed by Isabel)

Today, I met Jasmin who told me that she lives in a small city in Switzerland where there’s a beautiful castle but also a lot of traffic. In her leisure time, she does gymnastics and goes to the gym.

During the next 11 weeks, Jasmin wants to learn surfing, pass the FCE exam and visit the Gold Coast.



Shiori (interviewed by Paula)

Shiori lives in a small Japanese town of 30,000 people. From her house, she can see the sunset, which she loves. In her leisure time, she likes doing yoga, surfing or watching movies.

Over the next 11 weeks, she’d like to travel around Australia, start pilates and get her scuba-diving licence.


Paula (interviewed by Shiori)

Paula lives on the Spanish island of Tenerife, which is really small – even smaller than Byron Bay! You can go around it on foot, and it has beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches. In her leisure time, she likes going to the beach and watching the sunset. Also, she likes hanging out with her friends. While here in Byron Bay, Paula wants to see dolphins and go to Julian Rocks.



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