Byron Bay – A heart-warming letter to our Cambridge Advanced Preparation class – 25 November 2022

Our amazing Cambridge classes graduated on 25 November. Eliska was a very happy student in our Cambridge Advanced Preparation class. She wrote and presented this brilliant, heart-warming letter to her teacher Paul and classmates on their graduation day.


A Heart-Warming Letter To Our Cambridge Advanced Preparation Class
Eliska (left) with Lynn
Cambridge Advanced Preparation Cae Scaled
Our amazing Cambridge Advanced Preparation class!


Hello, my dear classmates and Paul!

I went all out and wrote this goodbye letter for everyone.

It’s been almost three months since we met. In the beginning we were just classmates who were just doing small talk, but now, after breaking the ice with super cool English jokes, I can hopefully say that we are also friends. Sometimes I missed the point, yes, my English wasn’t very good because I didn’t know any cool fixed English expressions – but it was only a matter of time before Paul came and gave us 10 magic papers of these idioms. From then we could start being real English speakers!  Sometimes my English got out of hand and I felt behind.  Fortunately, you all and Paul always gave me a hand and encouraged me to express myself. Yes, it wasn’t always easy! Although Paul thinks there’s nothing to it, I wasn’t on the ball every day. Sometimes I had the words on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn’t say anything. And I don’t like that feeling!

So rain or shine, I started doing my homework. Even though sometimes my head was in the clouds, like Sara’s every day, I started running like the wind to speak English as easily as riding a bicycle. Time is money. We all know that! But it’s easier said than done, for sure! Sometimes during our lessons, I didn’t have the faintest idea what Paul is talking about. Oh, no! Are there clouds on the horizon? But I knew where the wind was blowing from – going to class every day was the key to success. I went to school every day instead of surfing or hanging out at the beach. Because I know very well you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.

We’ve been there together through thick and thin, trying to play our cards right and following in Paul’s footsteps all the time. Sometimes we were in the class so long we could almost call it a day. But thanks to those days, we’re on a ball now! Even though sometimes we hadn’t any clue what was going on, Paul got us back to speed. “Hey guys! Time is flying and I’m not pulling your leg! Start the ball rolling.” Said Paul all the time. But not everyone is mad as a cut snake to sit in class every day. Especially Samira and David, they’re always like two peas in a pod. But there are always two sides to every coin – once in a blue moon, when we see the table full of super-rich Swiss at the window, really makes our day!

Cut a long story short I really enjoyed my time with you all at school. Even though the only jokes Paul told us were about blondes, I took it with a grain of salt. In the end, it was all as right as rain. We cut the mustard and now we’re finally the best English speakers ever! So thank you people all over the world for this fun lessons and Paul for your energy and patience. Now the lessons are over, but our bridges will never burn! At least not in my mind.

So, dear classmates, good luck in the exam. You are the best of the best, you are second to none! So no worries, no stress, stay calm and always super focused. Remember, don’t fall behind during the test – we all know better than anyone how much time there is per one exercise. And Paul, I hope your next class is at least as amazing as we were!

Written and presented by Eliska. 


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