Byron Bay- Happy Student!- 15 May 2024

This months Happy Student is….. Jade!

Happy Student!

Jade has been with us for 16 weeks and will be staying for another 8. She is a wonderful addition to Lexis Byron Bay! She always has a smile on her face and is eager to try many if not all activities, to improve her English and make many new friends. I interviewed her to get to know a little more about her experience and time in Byron Bay!

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Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Jade, I’m from Belgium and I speak French. I absolutely love to sing, and also, I’m turning 20 this Saturday!

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Why did you choose Lexis Byron Bay?

My agency asked me if I wanted to go to a big city or a small city. I decided to try a small city. I also found the hippie vibe of Byron Bay very interesting. I’m so glad I decided to try it out, I love Byron Bay!

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What has been the most magical, happy moment for you in Byron Bay so far?

I also love spending time down at Tallows beach, its quiet and gives myself time to be alone and think. The sunsets here are also so beautiful!

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What are your favorite things about Lexis?

I really like that the student accommodation is downstairs, so it gives you the chance to meet many new people. I also enjoy the parties that they have down there. My teachers are also great, we do lots of singing and also more traditional learning- it’s a great balance.

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What were your weaknesses before studying in Australia?

I had never spoken much English before coming to Australia, so the speaking was the hardest part I found. Now I can have conversations and can communicate really well. On the weekend I went to the movies and was able to speak freely with the staff, which felt great!

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How is your homestay?

Kevin is extraordinary, he speaks slowly for me to understand things, and I also have a unique sense of humor, which he understands and jokes with me too!

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What are your favorite things about Byron Bay?

The people. Everyone is so kind here, I’m lucky to go to work and get to meet many new people all the time, and they’re always kind!

Img 5854 Scaled Img 6766 Scaled   What have been your favorite school activities?

I love all the creative activities, in particular boomerangs and jewelry making. The activities allow me to practice my speaking skills as well. Overall, I just love Lexis!

We can’t wait to watch Jade to continue to thrive and be a happy student at Lexis Byron Bay!


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