Byron Bay – Celebrating our Brilliant Graduates – 21 April 2023

Today we are congratulating and celebrating 3 amazing graduates!

 Amapola graduates from our Cambridge Advanced class today. Amapola’s teacher Paul said that it was lovely having her in his class. Her command of the English language is good, and across all skill areas she has shown herself to be quite competent. We are wishing her all the very best for the future.

Lexis Graduate - Amapola

Julia is graduating from our Upper-Intermediate class today. Her teacher is congratulating her for completing her studies with Lexis. Julia’s teacher said that it was a pleasure to teach her as she was always motivated to improve her English communication skills. Throughout the Intermediate course she demonstrated that she was able to put into practice the new grammar structures and vocabulary she learnt, have longer conversations and comprehend spoken information. She has become more confident expressing herself in English and she quickly progressed to reach an upper-intermediate level. We wish you all the best with all your future studies!

Yuka graduates from our Upper-Intermediate class today. Her teacher said that she was a joy to teach! She has a very positive and enthusiastic approach to learning and her progress reflected all her hard work. Her teacher suggested to keep listening to her favourite songs and to watch TV shows and movies in English to practise her listening skills. We wish you good luck with all your future travels and work ventures.

Lexis Graduates Yuka And Julia
Yuka and Julia


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