Byron Bay – Delicious Dumplings – 19 April 2024

Last Friday, Nicole our Homestay Coordinator, showed the students how to make Delicious Dumplings in our onsite Campus kitchen!


Dumplings are a broad class of dishes that consist of pieces of cooked dough, often wrapped around a filling. The dough can be based on bread, wheat or other flours, or potatoes, and it may be filled with meat, fish, tofu, cheese, vegetables, or a combination.


Our students love cooking activities that allow everyone to get involved.

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Making Delicious Dumplings.
by RecipeTinEats


Dumplings are a very well-known dish in Asian countries, whereas some student s had never heard of dumplings before! It was an amazing treat for them to try.



We have a few vegetarian students, so we made sure to make two batches, one meat and one vegetarian!

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The process begins by mixing all your fillings together in a bowl. Fillings can include beef, chicken, pork, prawns, vegetables, and tofu. On top of this we add aromatics and flavors such as garlic, lemongrass, and spices!

After combining the mixture, we placed teaspoon sized dollops onto our pre-made dumpling wrappers. Then we pinched and pleated them together until they were sealed.

Making Delicious Dumplings

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Delicious Dumplings

Finally, to cook the dumplings you can either pan fry, steam, or deep fry them. We opted to pan fry which gives the bottoms of the dumplings a crispy golden outside.

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Delicious Dumplings

Making Delicious Dumplings.


Then we enjoyed our delicious dumplings, using soy and sweet chili sauce to dip them into!


These cooking activities are a great opportunity for everyone to try new things and learn about different cultures and follow instructions. Inadvertently practicing English skills! We cant wait to make our next dumplings!


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