Byron Bay – Delicious Aussie Food Tasting – 21 April 2023

On Friday our activity was “Aussie Food Tasting”

Many students joined for this activity. They get to try different food and learn about the Australian culture. For many international students food like “fairy bread” is unusual and they are very interested to try it.

What is typical Australian food?

These days, the average Australian meal is likely to be influenced from cuisines all over the world, with Asian, Middle Eastern and mediterranean flavours being most popular. Whether it’s stir fry noodles, Indian curry, falafel or burritos, you’ll find it on the menu in most Australian households. There are still a few food items the Australians would call traditional for example Vegemite or Lamingtons.

Traditional Australian food we offered to the students:

The Anzac biscuit

ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) biscuits were created as a nutritional boost for soldiers during World War I. The Anzac biscuit was designed to withstand long sea journeys.


These chocolate and coconut cake-ish wonders were named after Lord Lamington, the governor of Queensland from 1895 to 1901, who wore a cake-like homburg hat. And yes, that was his name…


This much-loved spread was invented in 1923 by Melbourne scientist Dr Cyril Callister as a way to exploit the yeast left over from beer production. After a few initial misgivings, Australians soon took the tar-like paste to heart.

Meat pies & Sausage Rolls

Although it has British origins, we have commandeered the meat pie as our own. In keeping with our new health awareness, the modern-day pie meets stricter criteria of less saturated fat, salt and kilojoules.

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is sliced white bread spread with butter or margarine and covered with “Hundreds and Thousands”, often served at children’s parties in Australia and New Zealand. It is typically cut into triangles


Milo is a chocolate-flavoured malted powder product produced by Nestlé, typically mixed with milk, hot water, or both, to produce a beverage. It was originally developed in Australia by Thomas Mayne in 1934.


Twisties are a type of cheese curl corn-based snack food product, available mainly in Australia, and other Oceanian countries such as Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Fiji, the Southeast Asian countries Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei, and the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.


Although some New Zealanders claim this dessert as their own, Australian chef Herbert Sasche is believed to have created it to honour the 1935 Australian visit of Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova.


A long love affair with meat, great weather and the outdoors puts the barbecue among our favourite cooking methods – and it is a great boost for makers of novelty aprons for men.

If you want to learn more about Australia’s traditional food please follow this link

Nana said she hates the rain!


Vanessa didn’t like the Vegemite at our aussie food tasting


Aussie Food Tasting
Miho enjoyed the Aussie Food Tasting
everyone loved the aussie food tasting

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