Byron Bay- Cooking Delicious Curry!- 26 June 2024

Today our students had the opportunity to cook and eat curry, for some, it was their first time!

Curry is a traditionally South Asian cuisine, comprising of a spiced sauce and rice.

Today, we made a red chickpea curry, this was perfect, because it is gluten free and  can be vegan, so anyone can enjoy it!

Cooking Curry!

The students started by putting the rice on to cook whilst we worked on the curry.

Y 1 Scaled

Then we chopped the garlic and diced the onion and sautéed them in the pan until they were translucent (see-through)

R 1 Scaled Q 1 Scaled P 1 Scaled T 1 Scaled

After this, the curry paste was added- this made the kitchen smell amazing! Once the flavours cooked together onion and garlic had been cooking for a while, it was time for the final few steps.

U 1 Scaled W 1 Scaled

We added the coconut milk, diced tomato’s and chickpeas into the pan, and let it simmer for about 5 minutes. To finish, we taste tested and adjust accordingly to everyone’s preferences, adding lemon and more paste!

H 1 Scaled S 1 Scaled G 1 Scaled D 1 Scaled

Kaede was kind enough to prepare some Katsu chicken that we added on top of the finished curry- it really made the final dish amazing.

F 1 Scaled J 1 Scaled

Finally, we sat down together and ate our delicious curry- we chatted about cooking and our favourite drinks.

Z 1 Scaled C 1 Scaled B 1 Scaled A 1 Scaled

Cooking curry was so much fun- we can’t wait to do it again!


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