Byron Bay- Exciting Christmas Cookie Decorating!- 14 December 2023

Last Thursday our students got festive and decorated some Christmas Cookies!

Christmas Cookies!

Img 4449 Scaled

It very quickly turned into a competition, there were four teams.

  • The Jellyfish
  • The Wild Elves
  • The Santa’s
  • Good Vibes

Img 4354 1 Scaled Img 4355 1 Scaled Img 4356 1 Scaled

Each team designed their cookies before mixing the perfect shade of icing and getting creative with their extra toppings. Img 4364 1 Scaled

Extra toppings included:

  • M&M’s
  • Pretzels
  • Festive Sprinkles
  • And Icing Pens for more intricate designs

Img 4366 1 Scaled Img 4368 1 Scaled Img 4381 1 Scaled

There were lots of Santa, Christmas tree and reindeer designs- even some Aussie animals!

Img 4387 1 Scaled Img 4389 1 Scaled

We played Christmas carols, sung, danced, decorated and enjoyed each others company

Img 4402 1 Scaled Img 4405 1 Scaled Img 4407 1 Scaled

The Winners overall were the Santa’s and The Jellyfish! We couldn’t pick a winner!

Img 4409 1 Scaled Img 4411 1 Scaled Img 4422 1 Scaled Img 4423 1 Scaled

Img 4425 1 Scaled Img 4431 1 Scaled Img 4432 1 Scaled Img 4436 1 Scaled Img 4441 1 Scaled

At the end the students enjoyed eating all the delicious cookies they decorated!

Img 4446 Scaled Img 4397 1 Scaled

We were right into the Christmas spirit after this activity!


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