Byron Bay – Astrology – 26 April

Today our activity was Astrology.

Marie, one of our teachers took our students through their natal/birth charts – this is a snapshot of the precise location of every planet in the sky at the exact time they were born, to the minute. They discovered that there is more to their personalities than simply their sun signs (star sign). We uncovered their Big Three – their Sun (core personality), their Moon Sign (emotional side and inner self) and their Rising Sign/Ascendant (outer self, skills & talents).

We also took a deep dive into how the planets affect their personalities.

Students had to uncover the characteristics for their zodiac sign for every astral placement, translating character adjectives that often pushed their vocabulary. This is a great way to learn new words and phrases in a really personal and memorable way. We finished by choosing some moon oracle cards and discussing our birth chart placements.

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Mami couldn’t join Astrology as she has booked surf lessons 🙂
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Marie explaining Astrology and different planets to the students



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