Zenning Out with Zoe

Studying can be so stressful at times.  Sometimes peace of mind is what we are all looking for.  GV teacher Zoe prepared an hour of Yoga relaxation to help some of our students unwind this week.

Yoga And Teacher Session 015

Yoga has become very popular on Tuesday’s in room 10 with Cambridge English teacher Zoe.  We could say she has started a new trend at school seeing so positions are filled every week.  On Wednesady Zoe held a Yoga session in the common room for students to participate and learn more about breathing, body movement and relaxation.  Zoe says, “The benefits of Yoga will increase your longevity.  I believe the student’s keep coming back each week because it makes them feel so good”.

After 45 mins of interesting postures and movement, Zoe led the students through a tranquil meditation to complete the Yoga session.  Zoe says, “This is a very important part to any Yoga session”.

The students will be able to use what they have learnt about Yoga at school in their own home environments or natural surroundings to unwind and relax whenever they like.

Thank you Zoe:)

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