Working on the Macadamia Plantation

GV Byron Bay has been able to get several students work on some of the many Macadamia Plantations in area surrounding Byron Bay. Here is Vicki’s story about her experience working on the macadamia plantation.

Vicki At The Macadamia Plantation
Vicki at the Macadamia Plantation

Hi, my name is Vicki, I’m from Taiwan. I have worked at the Macadamia farm since GV Byron Bay introduced me to the farmer. My friend Min who is also a student at the school works at the farm as well. I appreciate very much that Dave from GV Byron Bay gave me the chance to work at the farm. My supervisor and the other workers are all very friendly and kind to me and they are always joking and laughing. The job is not really difficult for me – we stand beside the machine and sort the macadamias. This job could train your concentration because we have to watch the macadamia nuts carefully and sort the bad ones from the good ones. There are a lot of Macadamia plantations in the country around Byron Bay and it is the main area for growing Macadamia nuts in Australia. At harvest time there is a lot of work in the sheds sorting the macadamias.

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