Why Noosa Needs You….…and why it’s great news for international students!

The current labour shortage in Noosa means endless work opportunities for international students


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Noosa’s Hastings Street is a leading hospitality area, and a great location for student jobs!


Noosa Heads is an Australian beach resort town, located about 90 minutes drive North of Brisbane.  Noosa is a hard place to describe – it has all the laid-back ‘surfing village’ chill of Byron Bay, but combines it with a dining and bar scene that would be the envy of any much larger city.  In areas like Noosa’s iconic Hastings Street, world class restaurants and bars open up onto the golden sands of Noosa’s Mainbeach…really, this is the best of both worlds.

As a resort town, Noosa has both a relatively small population, but a huge tourism sector – which means that a town of 50,000 people is supporting more than 5,000,000 ‘visitor nights’ of accommodation each year.  Noosa’s problem is simple, and that is that there are simply not enough local people to keep the tourism industry running.

So, Noosa has a long history of relying on outside workers, either backpackers or international students, to keep the hospitality industry moving.  After two years of closed borders however, there simply are not enough workers in Noosa to keep the restaurants, cafes, bars and resorts running.  The shortage of workers in Noosa is at the point that many restaurants and shops cannot open on some days of the week. While that’s very bad news for the Noosa tourism industry,  it’s very good news for our students!

Lexis Noosa has teamed up with the Hasting Street Association to make sure that each and every student is supported to move straight into work when they arrive in Noosa.  That means help with resumes, introductions to employers and even guaranteed interviews (and we have a 100% interview success rate!).

It’s fair to say that Noosa is Australia’s top location for student work in 2022.  Couple that with the amazing Noosa lifestyle, a relatively low cost of living and Australia’s best beaches right at your door, and Noosa makes the ideal choice for your time in Australia!


Hastings Street is the heart of Noosa and recognised as Australia’s favourite Street.  Hastings Street employs over 2000 staff per day and is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Lexis to introduce international students to businesses. 

Hastings Street remains one of Australia’s most sought-after holiday destinations with stunning restaurants and eateries, boutiques, and hotels.  Our businesses have great demand for staff, and we are all delighted to welcome back international students to Noosa.  Hastings Street has positive experience with Lexis students who show great initiative, cross-cultural skills, and multi-lingual abilities.

Alesha GooderhamPrecinct Projects Manager – Hasting St


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