Welcome to the Sunshine Coast 30/12/19

Today Lexis Sunshine Coast welcomes 3 new students to join the Lexis Family!

Jinho Welcome Pic

We welcome Jinho from Seoul, South Korea. Jinho has decided to travel to Australia to improve his English and experience this beautiful country. Back home in Korea Jinho is still studying in Middle School but is on his winter school holidays. He is excited to be studying General English at Lexis Sunshine Coast for 4 weeks. 

Melanie Welcome Pic

We welcome Melanie from Mauren, Liechtenstein. Melanie has come to Australia to join the Cambridge FCE course for 11 weeks. She decided to travel to Australia because she wanted to visit & study in a country that speaks English. 

Amon Welcome Pic

We welcome Amon from Kreuzlingen (Thurgan), Switzerland. Amon has also come to Lexis Sunshine Coast to study the Cambridge FCE course for 11 weeks. He decided to come to Australia to study English because his father actually lives here in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland! 

We hope you all have an amazing time on the Sunshine Coast, but an even better time with us here at Lexis.

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