Week 1 Pool Volleyball Comp Results

GV Students cool down in Week 1 Volleyball competition at Nomads.

5 Teams of five strolled to the local pool at Nomads to compete against each other in five rounds of pool volleyball to win the weekly bar tab and major tour prize to be given away at the final games on Monday April 19 2010.

Other students decided to support their teams and came along to watch the excitement.  Our teams unfortunately were beaten by the backpacker team on the day, although it was a close win.  Daniel did fill in for the backpacker team and won a global prize.

Every Week Nomads will be giving away a $50 Bar tab so for all those thirsty drinkers perhaps you should put together your winning team.

In week 3 there will be no game because of Easter Weekend.

In week 6, the finals will present the winning team with awesome tour prizes for each team member courtesy of Nomads.

Monday was so much fun a great way to spend the afternoon with your friends and other Global Village Students.  Come along and enjoy the game!

If you are interested in joining Week 2 Pool Volleyball, sign on at the Activities Board or see Nadia at Activities Desk.

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